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letter to new goverment !

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drloves8 · 09/05/2010 15:31

Dear new PM and goverment,
Please do your best to listen to the people of this country and put the country first and foremost as you have promised.
Please give the police more powers to deal with the epidemic of hooligans that is destroying out country...the problematic under 18 years old bunch are the worst. They have no deterent , they get rewarded for criminal acts and the police cannot do anything about it.
We would not have 16 year olds shooting each other if the police had powers to act fully over them.I would gladly pay triple taxes to pay for it.
Childrens panels do not work.
Give them powers that would enable them to order medical assesments on persistant young offenders often these people have mental health issues that would be eased by phyciatric help...instead they get a pat on the head and a dont do it again you naughty child/teen.
yours sincerly desperate voter.

OP posts:
Chil1234 · 09/05/2010 15:37

Are you in an area that is being destroyed by hooligans?

drloves8 · 09/05/2010 16:00

This reply has been deleted

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