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Anyone in Fermanagh/South Tyrone?

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ASecretLemonadeDrinkerDAVE · 07/05/2010 07:23

Hardly any news on the BBC - tense stuff!

OP posts:
iamfabregasted · 07/05/2010 07:51

Nope but up the road at bit lol.

Two votes in it,recount starting at 11 - exciting stuff.

zazen · 07/05/2010 09:13

What's the weather like over there? it's such a beautiful part of the world?

taczilla · 07/05/2010 09:23

No but I am from Skin town I saw on the BBC website what is happening but who is the Independent? Gripping.

taczilla · 07/05/2010 09:23

Ooh and as for Mr Robinson...

SomeGuy · 07/05/2010 09:24

the independent is a unionist unity candidate to defeat Sinn Fein

taczilla · 07/05/2010 09:34


iamfabregasted · 07/05/2010 11:35

taczilla - love the Robinson story and really did think Naomi Long sounded so shocked last night!

ASecretLemonadeDrinkerDAVE · 07/05/2010 15:04

Sinn Feinn hold!!!!!

OP posts:
ASecretLemonadeDrinkerDAVE · 07/05/2010 15:05

4 votes in it!

OP posts:
SomeGuy · 07/05/2010 15:06

My thoughts are with the disenfranchised voters of Fermanagh & South Tyrone

ASecretLemonadeDrinkerDAVE · 07/05/2010 15:06

Did they have problems too?

OP posts:
SomeGuy · 07/05/2010 15:07

I was referring to the fact that they now have an MP who will not sit in Parliament.

ASecretLemonadeDrinkerDAVE · 07/05/2010 15:09

O. Well, more people should have voted then [bothered] Obviously the majority don't care though and that decision has to be respected I cannot believe it was over 21,000 votes apiece and it came down to 4. When I heard it was tight I thought it would be low thousands.

OP posts:
SomeGuy · 07/05/2010 15:13

It was always going to be tight - that's why the Unionists stood behind a unity candidate.

iamfabregasted · 07/05/2010 17:45

Someguy - I agree totally. I posted on another thread about this - I don't see the point (other policies aside) of voting for a party that is never going to do anything with your vote coz they won't go sit in the parliament.

How is it different to a spoilt ballot or not going out at all?

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