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When do we find out...

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BrownNotCameronPlease · 06/05/2010 22:55

For absolute?

SO want to stay up but i have work at 8am...not going to go well if I dont sleep!

but when (roughly) do we find out who won?

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OhYouBadBadKitten · 06/05/2010 23:02


anyones guess, but if you have work i'd go to bed now and get up at 5amish.

SomeGuy · 06/05/2010 23:03

nah, you miss the excitement if you sleep

BrownNotCameronPlease · 06/05/2010 23:05

Maybe I'll just shut eyes and ears until I get to work then find out!

I really want to stay up! First general election Ive been able to vote in (am 21) and Ive taken intrest (HUGE HUGE intrest!) in

Damn work !

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