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did anyone else gets a text from DC this morning??

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SparklyGothKat · 06/05/2010 21:58

How did he get my mobile number?? Telling me to vote conservative and to tell all my friends to vote for them too...

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2cats2many · 06/05/2010 21:59

Wow! Do you think he wrote it himself??

SparklyGothKat · 06/05/2010 22:05

no I think it was a text machine like schools have...

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brimfull · 06/05/2010 22:06

I thought you meant your children -dc


AuntieMaggie · 06/05/2010 22:06


No i did not! Bloody glad I didn't vote for him considering I don't exist on his campaign radar!

SparklyGothKat · 06/05/2010 22:10

I have no idea how he got my number, DH didn't get one, didnt vote for him btw

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