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How late will you be staying up tonight?

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undercovamutha · 06/05/2010 18:02

Is anyone planning an all-nighter to find out the result? I am unlikely to make it past 11 tbh, but love the idea of staying up all night to find out the results as they come in.....

OP posts:
overthemill · 06/05/2010 18:05

usually do stay up - i was up for portillo in 1997 - best moment of it all!!

bluecardi · 06/05/2010 18:07

Will be getting up super early (dd normally up at 4am for a bf)

smallishsheep · 06/05/2010 18:08

I may have a disco nap and turn in super early, gettign up for the best bits. Am counting down the 52 minutes til dc's bedtime

Rosieeo · 06/05/2010 18:11

11pm. Up early anyhow, with my baby alarm-clock

Pepsiginn · 06/05/2010 18:11

I am going to go for - going to bed for a couple of hours and getting up around 2am to try to stay awake till after 4am as these are when the most seats will be announced.
Apparently by 4:30am we should know about 550 of the 650 seats...
Eeek! I'm scared!

SomeGuy · 06/05/2010 19:00

I am staying up for blinky Balls - 2am expected.

Heathcliffscathy · 06/05/2010 19:02

it sort of depends how it goes, if it looks like a done deal early on, i'll probably retire midnightish. if it looks uncertain for longer, i'll stay up longer.

if my team are doing brilliantly i'll be up all night!

unfitmother · 06/05/2010 19:02

I'm going to get up early!

FrakkinTheReturningOfficer · 06/05/2010 19:03

I'll be on here aroud 3am (that's 6am for me!) but not watching the first results come in. And BBC World had better be showing it OR some kind of live streaming on the internet somewhere.

pagwatch · 06/05/2010 19:04

I don't know whatto do.
I want to open a bottle of something lovely and stay up late bemoaningthe state of our parliamentary system. But DH wants to set the alarm and get up early....

Doyouthinktheysaurus · 06/05/2010 19:05

I'll be up throughout the night....I'm working

For once I'm glad to be going to work, hoping to have some quiet time in the early hours when I can follow what's happening.

undercovamutha · 06/05/2010 20:40

Think I will try and get up early. DH is both a sleep-addict and fairly politically apathetic, so no support from him re. staying up all night!!!! Will probably get up early and sneak downstairs to find out how its going.

OP posts:
Fenouille · 06/05/2010 20:42

Frakkin BBC World are saying coverage from 22.45 Berlin time. They better be showing it blow by blow, I'm planning on staying up.

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