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Huh?! I voted Labour????

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missymousie · 06/05/2010 14:14

Not quite sure how it happened either

Am in a safe (ish) Lib Dem seat though it has been Tory in the past, am a happy pale green liberal and always vote for one or the other - but this time my vote went to the Labour candidate (who'll be lucky to keep his deposit)

What happened? I guess that because I felt safe that the LibDems would get in - I used my vote as a protest against the anti-Labour media campaign (although Labour didn't do alot to help themselves) and a mandate for all the benefits and improvements that have been made to public services in the last 13 years. Plus the Labour candiate is a nice person who lives in my row of terraces and all the others live in Manors and Parsonages and Home Farms.....

Am a bit shocked though - and will be as sick as a dog if the Tories get in.

sigh - confession over...... but did anybody else go in to the booth a committed something and come out feeling like you would like to ask for it back and take an option on several?

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cinnamontoast · 06/05/2010 14:52

Well, good for you Missymousie! And at least you didn't do

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