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What's the most unbiased poll to use in deciding for whom to vote?

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CheeeseOnToast · 05/05/2010 16:04

I'm trying to coerce encourage my friend to vote tomorrow, but she's not very clued up on politics and is insisting she'll just "pick one when she gets to the booth"

I've done quite a few of those online poll things where you answer questions and based on your leanings they say which party you're best suited. Which is the most reliable?

I've just used which seemed accurate to me when I went through it, but on its Facebook group someone said it's not biased at all, it's very pro-labour. Are there any truly unbiased ones I can recommend to my friend, to get her engaged in it a bit more?


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ASecretLemonadeDrinker · 05/05/2010 16:06

I know of one. Just 1 question.

Do you want a fiver?

If yes, vote Conservative

mumdebump · 05/05/2010 17:00

someone posted a link on here a while back to
it seems more in depth than the one you've mentioned. I have no idea if its biased.

CheeeseOnToast · 05/05/2010 17:03

Great, thanks mumdebump. That looks good.

And thanks too, lemonade

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