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If you hate the BNP...

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policywonk · 05/05/2010 15:53

... try this link: Hope Not Hate's Barking and Dagenham phone bank - they need you to phone 10 key electors before tomorrow. Because however much we disagree about Brown/Clegg/Cameron, none of us wants to wake up on Friday morning to hear that Nick Griffin is an MP.

OP posts:
GoldenSnitch · 05/05/2010 21:00

Bumping for you

GoldenSnitch · 05/05/2010 21:04

Just been to have a look at it. I'm not so sure this is a good idea. What's to stop someone getting the wrong end of the stick and phoning a random resident of B&D and abusing them for voting BNP even when they're not?

policywonk · 05/05/2010 21:24

Thanks Snitch

I don't think there is any way of stopping that tbh (or even any way of stopping BNP activists using it). Think they're just relying on wisdom of crowds. Obama used similar tactics in his electoral campaign (don't know whether he was using a database of supporters who had already been approved in some way though)

OP posts:
GoldenSnitch · 05/05/2010 21:33

I guess its no more information than you could get out of a local phone book...

SoupDragon · 05/05/2010 21:36

I would be seriously p-ed off if someone phoned me like that, TBH.

SoupDragon · 05/05/2010 21:37

And I would suggest that, at 9:40pm, it's rather too late to be doing it.

policywonk · 05/05/2010 21:38

Yeah well I posted it this afternoon actually

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 05/05/2010 21:39

Oh, I know you did. I checked the time

wannaBe · 05/05/2010 21:40

What a ridiculous idea.

Why don't they do their own dirty work - oh no, they'd rather innocent members of the public take the abuse from people who won't appreciate being cold-called at 9:30 on a wednesday night.

wannaBe · 05/05/2010 21:41

fwiw I detest everything the bnp stands for, but really, this is not the way.

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