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Thinking about voting Tory? Read about "Compassionate Conservatism" first. Chilling article.

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MmeLindt · 05/05/2010 14:59


The Conservatives know that shutting down public services sounds cruel, while calling for volunteerism sounds kind ? but the effect is exactly the same. It's as if Marie Antoinette called in Max Clifford, and he told her to stop saying "Let them eat cake" and start saying: "Let them form a workers' co-operative to distribute cake on a voluntary basis."

OP posts:
Habbibu · 05/05/2010 15:08

I've found the whole volunteer thing quite odd - on the one hand, you've got the "well, captains of industry need to be paid well to attract/retain the best" and "pay peanuts, get monkeys" argument, and on the other, let's cut jobs and hope that services will be managed by people who don't get paid, don't have contracts, and can just jack it in whenever it suits?

Heathcliffscathy · 05/05/2010 15:10

yeah. and let them cut waste. cause that will solve all our problems. stupid fuckers.

sorry excuse my language i'm very depressed at the pro conservative propaganda in murdoch's press today and the fact that everyone is swallowing it.

makes me very sad.

MmeLindt · 05/05/2010 15:12

It is great to see some other opinions out there. We just need the great undecided to read it.

It is being passed around twitter at the moment.

OP posts:
sarah293 · 05/05/2010 15:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

gingercat12 · 05/05/2010 15:17

The same for us here, Riven. Mind you our former Labour council really spoilt us. Can you imagine an entire metro system with disabled access everywhere? No more carrying pushchairs, etc.

sarah293 · 05/05/2010 15:20

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Message withdrawn

orangina · 05/05/2010 15:20

At our last local elections (in Hammersmith, ref the article above), 3 tories were voted in for our ward. One of which promptly moved to Lausanne (allegedly, I might add...). Which was obviously useful and a great way to spend council money......


sarah293 · 05/05/2010 15:21

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MmeLindt · 05/05/2010 15:21

Lausanne is lovely, I admit. Understandable wanting to move there, especially if the taxpayers (allegedly) pay for it.

OP posts:
Bramshott · 05/05/2010 15:26

I just popped on here to see if anyone had linked to this. He articulates very clearly what worries me so, so much about a Conservative win and a "small state".

orangina · 05/05/2010 15:27


heidipi · 05/05/2010 15:31

Not to mention the fact that they seem to be gagging the press re Cam's rising star Philippa Stroud and her church that tries to 'cure' gay people:

Why can't people see through Cameron??!!

ClaireDeLoon · 05/05/2010 15:38

Read this in my lunchbreak and was shocked and shamed.

I don't want to be part of this society that the Tory's want to force on us, not to save £20 on my council tax.

expatinscotland · 05/05/2010 15:40

nothing to add, just happy to see my buddy in politics sophable back here!

sallyJayGorce · 05/05/2010 15:42

This is just anti-conservative propaganda.

Unfortunately I have similar stories which happened in East London under a Labour council. My mum's meals were cancelled because she 'didn't answer the door' on two days running. She had dementia too but no social service help at all once the meals stopped. Our council was completely neglectful and no-one we spoke too had any compassion at all. The attitude wasn't apologetic etc just arsey. A friend of mine ended up on the streets thanks to the 'care' of the same council. We tried to help him constantly - he had mental health issues and it wasn't easy. He is now dead. (There is plenty more but I have to pick up the kids.)

This article shows the Tories in Hammermsith in a dreadful light. It doesn't make me feel it's anything that couldn't be written about a Labour council if you choose the highlight the failures.

We now live under a great Lib Dem council with a very involved active local MP. Most of what I hear is praise but I'm sure there will be detractors.

Johann Hari is hardly un-biased commentator. I'm not suggesting he's wrong in his report, but these stories are not restricted to Tory-run councils.

smallwhitecat · 05/05/2010 15:45

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Message withdrawn

MmeLindt · 05/05/2010 15:56

No one is saying that Labour councils are perfect.

But this particular council has been picked by DC to demonstrate what his vision of a Big Society means for the UK.

And, yes. I do find it chilling to read of a pregnant woman, who is fleeing an abusive ex and is forced to sleep on the streets.

OP posts:
sallyJayGorce · 05/05/2010 16:08

Do you also find it chilling to read of a young man who is mentally ill, who has been hounded out of his council flat by crack dealers, is refused help since the flat is in his name and is forced to die on the streets?

Despite all the electioneering I find it hard to make a decision. Selective reporting by Johann Hari isn't going to make any difference. No council is without failures. DC is highlighting what he thinks is good about that council, just as Labour does. They don't tend to highlight the mistakes remember? But they have all made them big time.

sarah293 · 05/05/2010 16:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

orangina · 05/05/2010 16:15

Oh riven

sarah293 · 05/05/2010 16:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

orangina · 05/05/2010 16:23
sallyJayGorce · 05/05/2010 16:26

Lib Dem always seem to do a good job locally. They were the only people who seemed to achieve anything on a small scale when I was growing up (things like installing a new street light on a corner where people used a phone box). Our council is good here too and is Lib Dem, surrounded by a tide of blue. I don't know how different they are but I'd never heard of the Tory guy until the election whereas the current MP never seems to go home. Very hardworking. The Labour bloke doesn't live anywhere near the area and is really quite peculiar but then they only get about 9% of the vote so I guess he's a backwater man allowed out until Friday.

expatinscotland · 05/05/2010 16:49

Our council is LibDem and works well.

So I voted for them.

ABatInBunkFive · 05/05/2010 16:56

My council do nothing but fight, they are all a shower of shit so i'm voting to keep the conservatives out.

I'm not sure i understand how this big society thing is supposed to work, cos as far as i was aware if you don't have enough money you're not working hard enough, if we are all off working harder who is volunteering?

Rive posted a fab link the other day that says it all. 'Tis on youtube DCs common people.

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