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Will the expenses scandal influence your vote?

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FiveOrangePips · 05/05/2010 13:43

Is your MP one who was found to have fiddled their expenses? I suppose it might be too old news for some, but it still bothers me.

I haven't heard much about it in the election campaign have I just missed it all?Did all the guilty MPs do the honourable thing and stand down?MPs who have been investigated

beeb link to list of names by party.

who paid money back an admission of guilt?

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Chil1234 · 05/05/2010 14:39

I think it has got swept aside in the hype. Yes, a lot are standing down, some are up in court, others have paid back what they owe. Still leaves some inconclusive results but none of the parties are making a big thing of it for fear of 'pot calling kettle black' gaffes.

My MP is certainly dubious but I have a feeling, when the chips are down, we'll vote her back in out of sheer party loyalty and make her behave herself in the future. Will be interesting to see what happens to someone like Hazel Blears.

FiveOrangePips · 05/05/2010 23:22

I hope you do make your MP squirm, ikwym, but it does make it harder to argue against the people who don't want to vote, and I do not blame them really.

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