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Neither dh nor I have received our voting card yet

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MaisietheMorningsideCat · 02/05/2010 20:57

Who should I contact - or is it too late?

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preggersplayspop · 02/05/2010 20:58

I take it you are registered? If you are not, I would think its too late to sort out now.

southeastastra · 02/05/2010 20:59

we haven't either, nor lots of people i know, bad isn't it! you can still vote though

MaisietheMorningsideCat · 02/05/2010 21:09

Yes, we're registered, and have voted in every other election clutching our card to our little chests. How can you vote without your voting card?

OP posts:
Molesworth · 02/05/2010 21:12

Just give the polling station operative your details when you go to vote - says on the back of my card that I don't need it, but it saves time if I take it with me

toccatanfudge · 02/05/2010 21:12

I haven't got mine either - I rang on Thursday to check and was told that I was registered, didn't know what had happened to my card (actually I think I know - I didn't change my address in time for it to come here). They checked I was registered, told me where to go to vote and said to just turn up give my (old) address where the card had gone to, and my name and it would be fine.

EddieIzzardismyhero · 02/05/2010 21:13

We haven't either. You don't need it.

littleducks · 02/05/2010 21:13

You just turn up and give your name and address, no need to show ID or anything.

I am amazed that they still allow it tbh (i have to spend more time proving I am who i say i am to collect a letter from the po)

FiveGoMadInDorset · 02/05/2010 21:13

Phone up and check you are registered, i check on Frdiay to find we weren't but they put us back on the list.

MaisietheMorningsideCat · 02/05/2010 21:15

Oh fab - I'll just pitch up then. Not that it will make a jot of difference, as it's either Labour or SNP here and as we vote for neither we're hardly likely to have any effect on the outcome!

OP posts:
MaisietheMorningsideCat · 02/05/2010 21:15

Dorset - who did you phone?

OP posts:
toccatanfudge · 02/05/2010 21:21

check on your council website - it should hav e the number on their electoral office (or whatever its called)

MaisietheMorningsideCat · 02/05/2010 21:23

Just been to their website and got the number - thanks

OP posts:
FiveGoMadInDorset · 02/05/2010 21:32

Just phoned the front desk at local council

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