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Boguslaw · 01/05/2010 13:40

Having been keeping abreast with all these election debates on immigration, a little thought has come to my mind. Why not vote BNP and UKIP (they know what to do) and build the ?Castle Britannia? and live within its wall happily ever after with the memories of that great British empire when British were happily believing, to be doing God?s work by brining civilization to those herds of barbarians. And perhaps this debate is even more annoying as I am a member of that Eastern European herd that descended on this island, here I feel the need to underline that I am working, paying taxes hence contributing to the economy. Perhaps Mr Brown should not have said what he said about Gillian Duffy (it would be much better if he kept this in his mind). Yet, the reaction of media and all these wise commentators who seems to know best and almost have answer to everything was just pathetic. How much we all need someone or something, perhaps a symbol, and example (as in case of Goldman Sachs) to point fingers at, to blame and how difficult it is to look into self and do a bit of soul searching. It makes one feel good to ?lynch? someone else. On the other note, it is a brilliant idea by the Lib Dem to tell all those immigrants to come forwards and prove their innocence and that they are not criminals

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Chil1234 · 01/05/2010 17:28

If you want ingratiate yourself with the commnunity you've chosen to live in it probably doesn't do you a lot of favours to insult your hosts by implying that we are all wannabee Daily Mail columnists, subscribing to your description of 'Castle Brittania' dreaming of the days of empire and wanting to 'lynch' something. Sweeping generalisations tend to get people's backs up and sarcasm endears you to no-one

crystal123 · 02/05/2010 00:24

BOGUSLAW Oh dear.............

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