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Alternative Election 2010: which is the more annoying John Lewis or "Isa Isa baby" ad?

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marantha · 01/05/2010 08:33

It's time that the truly important decisions that will alter the course of this country's future are made. So, I ask- in all honesty- which is the more annoying, the one that makes you want to kick your tv in a mixture of exasperation and sheer annoyance, the Halifax "Isa Isa baby" advert or the John Lewis "Cycle of life" commercial?

a, Gotta be Halifax ad- the bit where she moves her head to the music. More annoying than that thing Gordon Brown does with his lip.

b, No, it's the John Lewis ad- more nauseatingly smooth than David Cameron.

c, As a lib dem, I do not allow myself to be annoyed by such trivia.

d, "Adverts, adverts?!?! I DO NOT and will not own a tv. As a deep green I will NEVER EVER own one!!"

Vote NOW, folks the er, future of the nation depends on it.

OP posts:
Fluffyone · 01/05/2010 09:23

John Lewis ad. Hate it. It doesn't make me cry either.

animula · 01/05/2010 09:29

Isa Isa - the glazed and determined look on the woman's face as she sings actually scares me.

I realise I should be more upset by the JL ad. but I think I'm not deep enough.

Though each one makes me want to stop watching TV. so maaybe I'll vote (d) in a fit of pyschological (mis-)identification that I can't actually achieve in real life ...

littledawley · 01/05/2010 09:32

Haven't seen Isa Isa but I will shamefully admit to a blub first time I saw the JL ad

AvadaKedavra · 01/05/2010 10:02

Isa Isa baby, gets into my head and makes me sing it all day

ooojimaflip · 01/05/2010 10:27


HappyMummyOfOne · 01/05/2010 11:00

Both, Isa one is annoying and the JL cost £6m to make - what a waste of money.

animula · 01/05/2010 11:05




Please, please tell me that isn't true.

HappyMummyOfOne · 01/05/2010 11:21
HappyMummyOfOne · 01/05/2010 11:22

Says £6m in the article above - I suppose the £6m could include the payment to broadcast it but even so its an utter waste of money.

HerHonesty · 01/05/2010 15:35

isa isa baby wins i reckon

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