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Is anyone else finding that the election is intruding on their dreams?

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DaisymooSteiner · 24/04/2010 09:59

Surely I can't be the only one who's having weird dreams about the election? Shortly after it was announced I had a dream that I was on the campaign trail with David Cameron and found myself at a buffet in a semi in Surrey chatting with him over the sausage rolls.

Am I the only one who can't seem to switch off from the election even at night? (I do have a weirder dream, I'm not sure whether I want to reveal it yet though.)

OP posts:
NoahAndTheWhale · 24/04/2010 10:09

I had a dream last week about there being a landslide Labour victory. Was very vivid.

atlantis · 24/04/2010 10:14

We had a by-election the month before this and I have been out knocking on doors canvessing for 6 weeks now ( someone save me from my aching feet ), my DD tells me that I am asking people if they will vote conservative at the next election in my sleep, I guess i'm just word perfect now.

sarah293 · 24/04/2010 11:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

atlantis · 24/04/2010 11:38

"yeah, bloody annoying too. "

Me or dreaming of the election , or both

sarah293 · 24/04/2010 12:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

epithet · 24/04/2010 12:08

I had a dream I couldn't find out who had won in my constituency - the TV/radio/internet kept switching off every time they were about to announce it. I ran down to the paper shop to try and read about it, but all the newspapers were laid out in single pages, that you had to put together. Argh! Just a standard frustration dream, I think, but with an election twist to it.

KnottyLocks · 24/04/2010 12:13

Dreaming of William Hague, Riven?

I'd be using carbolic to try and scrub that off my retinas.

Hope for your sake it wasn't sexual

sarah293 · 24/04/2010 12:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

KnottyLocks · 24/04/2010 12:31

Can you rewind your dreams? Sometimes I can. If he appears again, have a large paper bag handy to pop over his head.

And a gag.

Better still, chase him off with a broom and an attack dog.

sarah293 · 24/04/2010 12:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

KnottyLocks · 24/04/2010 12:40

He's a droning pest, isn't he?

Bet he doesn't let you get a word in either.

Or maybe your subconscious is telling you something you dare not admit in real life? Some deep and dark desire may be?

KnottyLocks · 24/04/2010 12:42

Riven, a plan for tonight:

  1. Befriend the dragon
  2. Set it on Hague

If you see any of the others there, let the dragon at them too.
sarah293 · 24/04/2010 12:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

HopeForTheBestExpectTheWorst · 24/04/2010 13:00

Yes, me.

KnottyLocks · 24/04/2010 13:25
webwahm · 26/04/2010 18:14

Yes!!! Thought it was just me!

Do not wish to divulge details but I'm horrified to say it was Cameron!

KnottyLocks · 26/04/2010 20:32

You'll need more than a dreamcatcher there, Webwahm.

bobthebuddha · 26/04/2010 22:23

William Hague was on my train last week, with his missus. They looked utterly miserable & I don't think they exchanged 3 words the whole 3 hours. I have been dreaming of NC though - pretty mundane stuff though (I think)

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