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How on earth did the BNP not realise using the marmite brand would be a breach of copyright?

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DuelingFanjo · 22/04/2010 19:33

OK, so they think it's satire so it's ok but clearly that is bollox.

can be seen here and you can see just how awful their agenda is.

OP posts:
DuelingFanjo · 22/04/2010 19:34

they are just so thick!

OP posts:
JackBauer · 22/04/2010 19:34

I am assuming you are thinking of a more in depth answer than
They are A Bunch Of Twats.

JackBauer · 22/04/2010 19:37

How is it a spoof anyway?

Did you hear about the leaflet they sent out with photos on of people that were HORRIFIED to be on it and threatened to sue them. They have previous in just using any random image if they feel like it.

scoutliam · 22/04/2010 19:37

But I can't help adding it's because they're all
As mad as a bag of cut snakes.

TheCrackFox · 22/04/2010 19:38

Because they are inbred twats.

Boostworld · 22/04/2010 19:40

Tried to associate themselves with something truly divisive, almost clever by accident don't you think!

Pofacedagain · 22/04/2010 19:40

Did you see the whole thing? they obviously paid some poor Sikh bloke to read off a card and say 'Of course the British want to protect their culture and identity only natural blah blah blah' and it was so obviously he was reading from a script. Hideous. The whole thing was like a Brass Eye Spoof. Except it wasn't.

DuelingFanjo · 22/04/2010 19:40

I am guessing their defence will be that they used the marmite brand as a 'love/hate' kind of comparison. AFAIK you can use stills in news, satire or critic programming (on tv) without breaching copyright or having to pay shitloads but they have seriously got the wrong end of the stick if that's what they think they were doing.

If you watch the video there'as a picture of a family at the very end - I wonder if they are happy to have their photos used to represent the BNP?

OP posts:
omaoma · 22/04/2010 19:41

they are STOOPID. not even clever twats. just stupid twats.

DuelingFanjo · 22/04/2010 19:41

Pofacedagain, I thought that too. So stilted.

They have a real problem with the Muslim faith don't they

OP posts:
daftpunk · 22/04/2010 19:42

Sikhs vote don't need much of a brain to work out why...

Pofacedagain · 22/04/2010 19:43

and you really think the BNP are happy to have Sikhs in this country?

JackBauer · 22/04/2010 19:44

Why's that then, dp?

gomez · 22/04/2010 19:46

But satire is not a permitted exception in UK nor is parody. Fair dealing in the UK is limited 3 prescribed uses:

research or private study
criticism or review; and
reporting current events.

No way does their use fall into any of those categories.

gomez · 22/04/2010 19:47

Jack step away .......

smallorange · 22/04/2010 19:50

Just so we know who we are dealing with...

these BNP japesters eh?

JackBauer · 22/04/2010 20:28

No, I am curious as I can't work out why, unless they are voting BNO as BNP are anti muslim as a kind of sikh vs muslim thing, which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

JackBauer · 22/04/2010 20:39

BNP twice there obviously, don't know wtf the BNO are

smallorange · 22/04/2010 20:45

The BNP get so few votes that I suppose there will be some anomalies.

They are very good at persuading people to vote for them by offering easy solutions to complex problems.

So if you are Sikh and have been made redundant you may vote for them if they tell you they will curb immigration and therefore competition for jobs.

I guess when there is no chance of you being in power, you can say what you like, really.

TheHeathenOfSuburbia · 22/04/2010 20:46

Ah, daftpunk, you're back. I think you accidentally missed my comment on the other thread, but since you've essentially said the same thing here, I'll throw it out again:

"It's not only white people who support the BNP you know...some of their biggest supporters are from the Sikh communities. "

Do you mean the one Sikh guy... who had to have a court case to join, because the BNP wouldn't let any non-whites in?
The truth is a very difficult concept for you, isn't it DP?

nancy75 · 22/04/2010 20:49

i'm sure i remember the bnp fielding a sikh man for a councillor seat some years ago (2006?) it has stuck in my mind because i remember thinking wtf! at the time.
i believe the bnp use the anti islam view to attract sikh and hindu support - people that obviously havent thought about who would be next once they had got rid of muslims.

BelleDameSansMerci · 22/04/2010 20:57

Is it just me or does Nick Griffin make anyone else feel actually physically sick? Can't help feeling that perhaps he was the most unpopular kid at school...

TheHeathenOfSuburbia · 22/04/2010 21:18

nancy75, the 'non-racist' BNP definitely only started admitting non-whites in February this year

daftpunk · 22/04/2010 21:23


.. I did see your post on the UKIP thread, deffo not ignoring you (you know I'd never do that to you)...just on my phone and zero time...will get back to you tomorrow...

Iggi999 · 22/04/2010 21:29

Fascinated to hear they are going to stop all foreign aid. Wouldn't that lead to more refugees from the places the aid used to go to?

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