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It's Nick Clegg's fault!

15 replies

cinnamontoast · 22/04/2010 14:41

Great piece on Twitter reaction to Clegg bashing here

OP posts:
vesela · 22/04/2010 14:45

great, isn't it?

The worm is turning. This DM et. al attack is turning out to be a massive own goal.

gingercat12 · 22/04/2010 14:45

It is hilarious

cinnamontoast · 22/04/2010 14:50

Reader comments underneath article have loads more - 'The San Andreas Fault has also now been renamed the #NickCleggsFault'. Love it!

OP posts:
Heathcliffscathy · 22/04/2010 14:52

the great hope, my great hope is that a whole tranche of the electorate that haven't voted for at least the last 2 elections turn out on the 6th. and vote the libdems in.

gingercat12 · 22/04/2010 14:52


gingercat12 · 22/04/2010 14:53

Sorry LOL at the St Andreas Fault / Nick Clegg Fault

Molesworth · 22/04/2010 14:54

I really hope you're right vesela and soph. The YouGov thing has shocked me to the core tbh.

morningpaper · 22/04/2010 14:57

lol @

"Nick Clegg was seen two weeks ago poking Eyjafjallajokull with a stick #nickcleggsfault"

morningpaper · 22/04/2010 14:58

sophable, here: Guardian says:

"Figures collected from more than 20 of the most marginal areas following Tuesday's deadline to register to vote indicate across-the-board increases in the electorate, compared with the last general election, suggesting that turnout could soar on May 6.

In one area, the increase is as high as 17%"

anastaisia · 22/04/2010 15:03

Just saw this on twitter: OldHoborn: "the Nick Clegg's Fault song is already out #nickcleggsfault"

erm, not commenting on the song itself.

Curiousmama · 22/04/2010 15:04

I laughed out loud at the kidney remark

cinnamontoast · 22/04/2010 15:49

'I agree with Nick' - so quickly forgotten!

OP posts:
cinnamontoast · 22/04/2010 15:52

Actually Anastaisia, I LIKE the song. Thanks for the link

OP posts:
anastaisia · 22/04/2010 16:10

Don't think there's anything wrong with it, it's just not my personal taste, that's why I didn't want to comment on it.

If he jokes about everything being his fault we can have a #IagreewithNickitsNickCleggsfault tag

Clarissimo · 22/04/2010 16:54


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