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Politics for dummies...

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Fel1x · 15/04/2010 20:50

Probably should have namechanged for this!! but here goes...

I would like to vote but dont know enough about the different parties to do so confidently.
Each party's leaflets and promotional material big themselves up (of course) but nowhere can I find something objective, simple and straighforward that will tell me.. labour are better in terms of X area, conservative are offering Y etc...

I'd like to be able to see a short review of the key policies of each party so that I can decide which one will be best for me personally iyswim but feel I am too dense to wade through all the complicated and subjective info that is out there....
does such a simple summary exist? Does anyone know enough about the different parties to do such a simple summary?
Is there a good, simple website that perhaps offers something like this?

OP posts:
lincstash · 15/04/2010 21:31

Well its easy.

You have two choices in practice.

either vote for the government, and let them carry on lying to us, cheating, wasting money, selling us down the river to the EU, letting in millions of immigrants and generally conducting a war against the middle class and the men of society, and imposing there looney left politically correct police nanny surveillance state on us, or

vote Lib dem, which is the same as voting labour, because they will not win power outright, and a hung Parliament means labour get the first refusal to continue in power, or

or vote tory for a new set of people, new ideas, and a new direction. They cant do any worse, and since labour is burnt out its likely they will do far better for at least the next 5 years, then you get to choose again next time.

Thats how the system works.

Longtalljosie · 16/04/2010 20:22

Try this

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