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Lies, damned lies and manifestoes

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Quattrocento · 14/04/2010 00:01

We all know when politicians are lying, because their lips are moving. Right?

We have trading standards that are quite well policed to ensure that shops can't sell us defective goods.

We have rigorous laws to ensure that companies can't damage our health and safety and have to deliver the services that they are contracted to deliver.

But we don't have any safeguard when it comes to politicians, do we? I mean they can get away with promising all sorts of codswallop, and not deliver those promises, without any sort of fine or penalty.

And because they all lie, routinely, we are faced with Hobson's choice when it comes to elections.

What can be done to introduce some sort of honesty and integrity into the House of Commons? How can we make politicians live up to the commitments they make at election-time?

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lincstash · 14/04/2010 00:05

Yes, you remember they're lying toerags next time and vote for someone else.

Its called democracy, unfortunately, a lot of people dont seem to understand how it works.

Mainly the cretins who are going to vote labour again this time despite all the lies spin and incompetence...............

AbricotsSecs · 14/04/2010 00:06

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Message withdrawn

Quattrocento · 14/04/2010 00:09

Couldn't we legislate to ensure that manifesto commitments are binding? I'm not sure how it would work, but still, we found a way for it to work in a commercial environment. Can't we do the same in a political environment?

OP posts:
AbricotsSecs · 14/04/2010 00:18

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Message withdrawn

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