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Four Terms in power

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lincstash · 11/04/2010 17:13

Can anyone remember John Majors Government of 1996?

Can you also remember why we threw them out of power?

Ill remind you.

Because they had become lazy, inept, corrupt, idecisive, they were riven with internal squabbles, and treated the electorate with contempt.

and here we are 14 years later, and the situation is exactly the same, but the politics id reversed.

Four terms in power is too long, it was too long for the Tories and it has been too long for Labour. Too long in power has done to Brown and his what it did to Major and his cronies.

People voted for Blair as a breath of fresh air, new people, new ideas, new policies, and different perspective.

And thats why you need to vote Tory - to get rid of Labour, and to get new ideas and people in. Not only would putting Labour back in send the wrong message to Brown - that he can lie, cheat, connive, meddle and destroy at will for another five years - but it will be catastrophic for the UK to have another five years of his crooked band of brothers, such as Mandelson, Harman, Milibands, Balls, and Darling, all incompetent liars and pocket lining toads to a man. The destruction they have wrought our our nation is appalling.

Having watched and engaged in english politic for more than 50 years, its clear that the system works best if no government stays in power more than two terms.

And thats why we need to throw labour out, to teach them some respect for the electorate, and to teach them they CANT do exactly as they like, they are our servants, not vice versa.

OP posts:
jkklpu · 11/04/2010 20:05

um, Labour has had 3 terms not 4

WebDude · 12/04/2010 02:45

Whether it is 3 or 4, neither of the "big two" deserves another crack at it, as they spend a good many months breaking down whatever the other party had been building, and there's all too much reminiscing and blaming what's gone wrong on the other party.

I'm hoping for a situation of no overall control, though it would cause something of a dilemma as it's probably not catered for when HMQ gets up to say "My Government will ..." at the Queen's Speech.

It would be nice for there to be some Lib Dem policies forced on the other parties, and if they get sufficient seats, they will have an opportunity to get some tax changes into place, as well as (at a later date) argue for changes to the voting system (not a priority this year, I admit, but needs action).

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