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Child Trafficers arrested.

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lincstash · 08/04/2010 20:55

British police have arrested more than 30 Romanian mobsters accused of sending an army of snatched children to beg and steal on the streets of Britain.

Police estimate that more then 170 youngsters as young as seven have been trafficked to the UK by the gang.

Scotland Yard officers working with local anti-Mafia cops in Romania this morning took part in a series of raids in Tandarei, a gangland heartland in the south of the country.

More than 300 officers searched 34 homes and properties in the co-ordinated dawn searches.

Police confirmed the operation had taken place this morning.

Police say the modern-day Fagins forced their young victims - snatched from poor gypsy communities - to beg in Britain and go on pick-pocketing and shoplifting sprees.

Mob bosses set them up with bogus documents and homes in London and other big cities and then put them to work on the streets threatening their families at home if they tried to flee.

There are those of us who did warn everyone what would happen when we let the romanians into the EU..........

OP posts:
Hassled · 08/04/2010 21:00

It is a shocking story, and I'm very glad arrests have been made. I hope the children are well looked after now.

But your last sentence - are you mad? Which of you exactly warned us what might happen? And why Romania? There are dodgy mobster bastards in most countries, the UK included - we grow our very own.

gorionine · 08/04/2010 21:02

What Hassled said!

Alouiseg · 08/04/2010 21:03

Romania has a particular problem in that life is so cheap.

When you've seen your whole family wiped out in front of you, life cannot have the same meaning. The same things happen in Albania for the same reasons.

vesela · 08/04/2010 21:08

"Scotland Yard officers working with local anti-Mafia cops in Romania this morning"

EU cross-border police cooperation at work - you're not supposed to like that!

Hassled · 08/04/2010 21:14

Alouiseq - sorry, but I think that's a very naive view. It may be easier for us to cope with atrocities if we believe that life is cheap when you've suffered so much; the truth is that the Congolese (for example) mother who loses a child suffers just as much as any mother anywhere. The fact she's seen unimaginable horrors doesn't water down her grief.

Alouiseg · 08/04/2010 21:20

I didn't say it waters down grief.

When generations of people are downtrodden and see and take part in constant atrocities those atrocities become the norm. What we consider Gangland activities and behaviour can be almost normal in societies like that.

StewieGriffinsMom · 08/04/2010 21:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Alouiseg · 08/04/2010 21:25

Oh hello!

A person can't give an opinion on a country without being a racist on mn?

You want to have a little wander round London in the early hours of the morning, you can see them in action. Thats not racism it's reality.

StewieGriffinsMom · 08/04/2010 21:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lincstash · 08/04/2010 21:32

If pointing out the truth is racist then so be it. Thing is, waving the racist card doesnt work anymore. Its not racist to point out what would happen and why when it comes to immigrants and the EU.

The fact is the further east you go the cheaper life gets. Then we let the people with this mentality into our country, what do you think is going to happen, crime by such people will explode. And it has.

According to the Home Office, offences for organised crime and trafficking in the year before Romania had free access here was 135, next year that number rocketed to 1080, almost all committed by Romanians. Furthermore, the Romanian authorities say there figures are dropping. So it looks like all the major Romanian trafficking and organised crime gangs have come here to live

Gordon Brown didnt point that one out when he snuck off and signed the Lisbon Treaty on the quiet(without giving us the promised referendum on it).

All information provided by obtained by More4 News under Freedom of Information law

OP posts:
Alouiseg · 08/04/2010 21:35

OP was focussing on the trafficking.

I remember the issues surrounding Romania's entry to the EU. The points that were made at the time were Romania and Bulgaria agreeing to crack down on organised crime. People were very sceptical and sadly for the trafficked children The Romanian government have been more than happy to make it someone else's problem. AS PREDICTED.

jkklpu · 09/04/2010 20:13

lincstash - As with the other thread on which you've been posting various diatribes about the ghastliness of the EU, you're peddling a myth here that immigration from the newer EU member states was somehow imposed by the EU on the UK.

In fact, it was up to each of the 15 old EU member states to decide when to lift immigration restrictions on nationals of the new member states. The UK was very unusual in that the British Govt chose to lift the controls from those countries' accession to the EU, rather than waiting a few years to do so, as the majority of other members decided to. Oh, and absolutely nothing to do with the Lisbon treaty. A clear example of how national governments still retain autonomy about most things which matter most to their populations, eg tax policy, health policy, education policy, foreign and defence policy (NOT true to say that the EU decides on the last 2, by the way - Member States remain in the driving seat).

Oh, and I suppose that immigrants are all bad unless they're the 5.7 million British people living in other countries?

And human rights are a bad thing, too, in your view. The European Convention on Human Rights is nothing to do with the European Union. And it's nonsense to say that foreigners have more rights than British people. THe point of non-discrimination in the EU is that British people should enjoy the same rights (and have the same responsibilities, by the way) as other European in other EU countries, and other EU nationals enjoy the same rights when they're here.

Yes, it's very true that Bulgarian and Romania were supposed to have done more against organised crime and corruption before they joined the EU. But it was each individual govt of the old EU member states that agreed to them joining when they did, NOT some mythical monolithic entity called the EU that foist them on us. Oh, and EU enlargement is something on which there has been party political consensus in the UK for years and years, so you can't just blame the Labour govt as any other colour of British govt would have taken the same decision.

And you seem to have forgotten to respond to Vesela's point about this operation being a great example of what can be done through cross-European police cooperation, which you, presumably, oppose.

Yes, organised crime and child-trafficking are hideous, but your whole tone is so self-righteous as though there's no one like this in the UK at all. For example, who do you think the clients of any of these children who might have ended up in prostitution are? Who buys pirate DVDs that are also part of the financing cycle of organised crime? Brits need to take some responsibility for what goes on here instead of just pointing the finger at people who have, for centuries, been oppressed and denied rights in their own countries.

llareggub · 09/04/2010 20:18

Fantastic post, jkklpu

jkklpu · 09/04/2010 20:24

PS I'm British, by the way, in case anyone was wondering. That said, the Daily Mail's dishonest manipulation of the statistics would have me down as the brood mare of 2 "foreign" kids in the UK, bumping up the figures as they take "foreign-born mother" to be the same as non-British kids.

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