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Can we have a SamCam webchat? Cause I want to ask her....

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elliott · 13/03/2010 10:28

What exactly is her job? What hours does she work? how did she reach the dizzy heights of 'creative director' by the age of 38 whilst having 3 children (one with severe special needs) and a husband working long anti-social hours? What was her career path? How does she fit in media appearances and campaign appearances with being a mother and holding down this apparent high flying job?

Cause she's giving me an inferiority complex. I think I'm pretty capable (and I'm certainly well educated and highly qualified) but I can only hold down my job because my husband works part time, does loads round the house and my job is very flexible. So whatever her secret is, can she let the rest of us in on it?

OP posts:
antoinettechigur · 13/03/2010 12:15

Elliot, is your Daddy a Baronet? Do you have "connections"? Can you pay for an endless stream of specialist help and nannies? Unless the answer to all this is yes, I wouldn't worry too much.

elliott · 13/03/2010 21:24

I'd like to see her have to admit it though
It would rather blow the image of 'regular working parents who are just so nooormal unlike that robot Brown' wouldn't it?

And I am genuinely curious about how much real work she manages to do.

OP posts:
Screensaver · 14/03/2010 10:47

I'd like to know how she does it too. In fact, looking back at how I did/didn't do it, I would like to know why she doesn't have sick on her shoulder.

sarah293 · 14/03/2010 10:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nighbynight · 14/03/2010 11:13

I wish spouses were a bit less involved in the election, tbh.
I hate seeing mostly women, forced into being elegant clothes horses who do good work/have nice jobs. If one of them dared to open her mouth with her own opinion, she'd be decried as shrill, meddling in public policy etc.

its all so fake.

Alouiseg · 14/03/2010 11:14

Much prefer Mrs Brown and Sam Cam to Cherie Blair though!

Prinnie · 14/03/2010 11:17

Riven, me and DH have met DC a couple of times and really liked him but we're both so that he hasn't been to see you.

I think both DC and SC have been fairly open in the past about the fact they are able to manage because they are in an extremely privalaged position of being able to afford hired help. I don't think they've ever pretended that they do it all alone!

grumpypants · 14/03/2010 11:23

Veering off an another direction, it's a bit weird to think knowing that DC is 'messy' in the kitchen and not perfect would make us vote for him. I find it a bit of a turn off - I don't give a toss what he does for you, Mrs C, in your house, I want to know what he plans on doing for the rest of us. Phew. Deep breath.

Screensaver · 14/03/2010 11:44


I think it's likeable of DC not to pretend not to be 'comfortable'. I heard him describe himself as 'wealthy' in an interview and nearly fell over because it is quite a thing to admit to. Likewise Jamie O and Helena BC, admitting things are easier with 'help'.

Riven, what has happened to your request? You had the spotlight and now it's gone. Did Mners mob e-mail him?

Even with 'help', it is hard to leave the house without sick on the shoulder.

sarah293 · 14/03/2010 11:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

BBL1 · 14/03/2010 21:00

This is just the political equivalent of Heat, but not quite as interesting. Will we be canvassing Jordan's views next?

SC is of no consequence to this election and what ever DC martial deficiencies are - I just don't care.

She is not standing for parliament and I'm not sure that I want more PR puffery from any party. Do they really think we are taken in by this media nonsense.

If we are talking about the election, let's talk to politicans who are seeking election

HerHonesty · 18/03/2010 23:44

well i beg to differ bbl1 but given how much onus DC puts on the value of marriage and how much his marriage and family have shaped his politics, and the he trots her out at every opportunity, SC is relevant, as is SB.

i find it quite annoying that and of them, the cams included, claim to anything about parenting in the real world.

HerHonesty · 18/03/2010 23:44

apols should read, any of them, not and of them.

choosyfloosy · 18/03/2010 23:48

Have nothing against Sam Cameron or Sarah Brown but if they want to be in politics I wish they would stand for election.

I saw some magazine front page the other day referring to 'First Ladies' [boak] as if we'd never even had a female Prime Minister in this country.

shona2 · 19/03/2010 00:10

What antoinette said. "Creative Director" of a luxury goods company strikes me as a bit of a vanity job with probably not a lot of serious responsibilities. How would you do it otherwise?

choosyfloosy · 19/03/2010 00:18

i'm not going to diss Ms Cameron's job. It sounds very hard to me. I don't understand most jobs really.

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