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Mandelson v Clarke on Ch4 tonight

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ElenorRigby · 26/01/2010 19:32

at Mandelson

OP posts:
mateykatie · 26/01/2010 23:53

I thought it was actually a really good debate. It's nice to see a really in-depth long format. It must have been about 20 minutes?

Both presented their case very well.

I was bemused, though, that Mandy kept trying to say "Ken and I agree", which Ken immediately rebutted. It just got bizarre when Mandy started talking about himself in the third person.

That, together with Mandy's annoying habit of constantly interrupting, meant that I thought Ken Clarke came out slightly better overall.

They did remind me of a sweet old couple having a bit of a tiff though

Well done to Channel 4, was very good for anyone interested in politics.

mateykatie · 27/01/2010 00:38

For anyone who missed it, fear not, I have found it on Youtube!

Part 1

Part 2

scaryteacher · 27/01/2010 10:10

Thanks for those links, I don't get Channel 4.

I have more faith in Ken Clarke than I do in Mandy. Clarke has been Chancellor so he knows where all the danger points are. Mandy has spent too much time in Brussels where he lived removed from the populace due to the huge allowances and salary that he received. I also think he will either jump ship to the Tories if they win; or challenge for Leader of the Labour party. Mind you, it would be good to see him see off Ed Balls.

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