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Conservative draft manifsto - NHS/Health reform

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Ewe · 04/01/2010 16:24

Anyone read it?

Can't say I know much about the NHS and it's workings but I'm not entirely convinced by the plans for MRSA prevention. Like the being in charge of own health records bit. Decentralisation concerns me as it could mean a real post code lottery which can only be a bad thing IMO.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the draft manifesto comes out with.

OP posts:
DarrellRivers · 04/01/2010 16:31

Interesting re the £8000 insurance payment paid on retirement for care costs later on in life

Ewe · 04/01/2010 19:02

I quite like the idea of that, not sure how you would release it if you only had £8000 in your house though. Once it's implemented people can save towards it but I assume there will be a cross over period where it might not work too well.

OP posts:
mulberrybush · 05/01/2010 00:03

the Insurance companies which are central to the Conservative plans for £8,000 one off insurance for residential care are already backing off from this. There are clearly problems with trying to fund a basic home in the north east at say £500 a week, out of the same pot as a posh home in the stockbroker belt at say £2,000 a week.

John Majors government did try a voluntary insurance scheme. It didn't work. No one bought into it. Thats why we ended up with the current situation where immediate needs annunity to cover care costs costs in the region of £80,000.

It has also been pointed out that if you bring in a scheme to cover the costs of going into a home there is a perverse incentive which means that people who would rather stay in their own home with quite a lot of help end up going into a home because it is cheaper for them.

You will find that the Government's plans for a National Care Service is a much more thoroughly planned option. It was brought together after very extensive consultation with all the relevant groups who lobby for the elderly. It covers care at home and in care. There are three options and a final choice has not yet been made, but if they go for the comprehensive option this will mean that we all contribute, and we will all be covered for Care needs in the same way as we are for health by the Health service.

This is more expensive,but it covers much more, it is fairer, and because payment can be deferred until after death the cost should not be a deterrent.

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