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So I just joined the Labour party...

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ButterPie · 14/12/2009 22:12

Is anyone else a member? Will I regret it? I just need to do SOMETHING about the tories looking like they will get to be in charge, plus I have been meaning to get more involved in local politics for a while. I had been tempted by respect, then socialist workers, then by the green party, but kept running into mental policies. At least with Labour there is more chance of actually making a difference.

OP posts:
BrianGiggs · 14/12/2009 22:12

ah well giving them your hard earned money is a total waste of time

TheCrackFox · 14/12/2009 22:27

How do you actually tell the Tories and Labour apart? They are all arseholes.

You are wasting your time and money.

SleighBelleDameSansMerci · 14/12/2009 22:30

Sorry, "there is more chance of them making a difference" to what? Did they not create a lot of what now needs changing? And, by the way, I've often said I would rather not have the vote than vote Conservative so am not rabid Mail reader!

LittleMontyontheDustyRoad · 14/12/2009 22:32

I resigned from LP because of what crackfox said.


(Disclaimer - I did not then join the Tories).

OhBuggerandArse · 14/12/2009 22:33

And you're supporting and therefore legitimising a party that supported an illegal and immoral war.

I can see (with considerable discomfort) the argument for voting for them, given an anti-war MP to vote for, to keep the Tories out - but to join the membership? No way in which that isn't an expression of support for the current leadership.

mrsbaldwin · 15/12/2009 08:38

Dearie me. So much opprobrium (so far, anyway).

So I say, good on you Butterpie!

ButterPie · 15/12/2009 10:22

I have actually marched, written letters and signed petitions against the war, as have my friends who are members of the party and even elected officials. I'm just looking at the big picture, and the things that i value tend to be Labour things - the NHS, state education, higher taxes on the rich to support the less well off, surestart, civil partnerships, unionised workplaces, the minimum wage, anti discrimination legislation, and it is all at risk.

I can't very well tell my children to share toys if the grown-ups won't even share the resources.

OP posts:
scaryteacher · 15/12/2009 16:31

I don't think the Tories will get rid of civil partnerships seeing that some of their MPs are in them. I can't see them dismantling the NHS either, though making it run more efficiently would be a very good thing imo. Unionised workplaces were in existence during the last Tory government (I know, I worked in one), so that is a specious argument; and I can't see state education, anti discrimination legislation, the minimum wage or high taxes to pay for the mess the Labour govt have got the country into, disappearing either.

The Tories have never looked so close to Labour in outlook in all the time I've been voting, so much so, that I have grave doubts about voting for the Tories this time. I will not vote Labour and the Lib Dems leave me cold as well.

smallwhitecat · 15/12/2009 16:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ilovemydogandmrobama · 15/12/2009 16:40

Good for you! I like people who make a stand!

elkiedee · 15/12/2009 17:03

butterpie, good for you.

I'm a very cynical Labour Party member, I joined as a union/political activist and have tried to argue/influence Labour Party policy and discuss things with our local councillors. I often wonder why.

I'm happy to see a leftie joining though being a socialist and joining the LP/going to meetings can be pretty demoralising.

VirginPeachyMotherOfSpod · 15/12/2009 17:04

Good on you for making the effort to go with what you believe, morepeople should get involved

(and I am a member of a different party, I just respect actual doing uyswim)

JeffVadar · 15/12/2009 17:42

If you haven't already read it, I recommend John O'Farrell's book 'Things Can Only Get Better'...

policywonk · 15/12/2009 17:45

I think GB is being a right bloody hero at the moment, between the Tobin tax proposals and his determined campaign to get developed countries to pay more (and commit to greater cuts in emissions) at Copenhagen. I might just join myself...

Nothing like the prospect of a Tory government to get lapsed Labourites back into the fold.

kerstina · 16/12/2009 20:17

Good for you its great to hear that you are getting more involved ! I Would like to join too can any one tell me how much it cost as i am a stay at home mom so not earning.
Also has any one else been watching can gerry robinson fix dementia care homes ?I have found it incredibly moving ,depressing, but offering hope that we can improve these peoples lives.

ButterPie · 16/12/2009 23:54

It cost me a quid as I am under 27. I think the normal rate is £35, not sure about other concessions though.

OP posts:
mulberrybush · 17/12/2009 17:30

Great to see this. I am a member too. Just been to the MPs Christmas gathering. Nice to see quite of number of new young members their to join the people who have been there for ever.

I recommend a mixture of patience and perseverence! Lots of people expect a magic wand and there isn't one so it can take longer to bring about change than people think, but the reasons why you joined are worth fighting for.

Personally I think politics will change a lot in the next few years. Interesting times. The Labour party have brought in many key pieces of legislation that make it much easier for people to influence policy, and the growth of Social media is changing everything. We have the tools now, we just need to learn how to use them effectively.

If you get a chance to get involved in canvassing this is a good thing to do. Talking to people on the door step, or on phone canvassing, gets you in touch with the real issues people face in their lives, and it will also put you in contact with the most active members in your party.

I have only been a member for a few years, but got stuck straight in to learning how to change policy. See if your constiuency runs open forums, or listening panels. If not have a go at setting them up. Quite a few of the ideas being brought out by Dept of Energy and Climate change, and by the department of Health relating to social care are ideas that I have worked out with my MP as a result of some of the open forums we ran together.

If you want to message me you are welcome to do so. I am very willing to help in any way I can.

You will find that there is a very lively interchange of ideas on Twitter. if you look at some of the people I am following there it will connect you to plenty of key people.

Good luck to you.

Prinnie · 02/01/2010 16:10

I've just renewed my Tory membership to balance this out.

But well done for standing up for what you believe in.... even if it is excess state interference in all aspects of life, gratuitous wastes of public money at every possible opportunity, believing that tax is the governments money not that of the peoples and illegal wars.

Sorry - I just can't stand New Labour.

said · 02/01/2010 16:26

Oh good for you.

Cameron was at Jeremy Clarkson's NYE party - what a horrible self-congratulatory bash that would have been.

BecauseImWorthIt · 06/01/2010 17:21

Eh? When were taxes ever the peoples' money?! They have always been collected by the state (the monarchy or government). And it's money to be used to run the country.

Why on earth would you want it to be any different? And how would it work if it was?

tisfedup · 07/01/2010 01:03

So your so against the Tories, because...

Labour have been in power for the last 12/13 years, our country is bust, it was not just global factors that has bought us to our knees and a trillion debt, (different from deficit).

We have large areas that could ignite in social unrest, a very large number of long term benefit claimants uninspired, a public sector who's pay and pensions exceeds a vast majority of the private sector, our country's income generators.

it was gordon brown as chancellor that mismanaged our finances, interfered with fiscal regulation, sucked up to the bankers, spent spent spent with no real noticable change, sold our gold at rock bottom prices, destroyed pensions, and Labour with it's non existant immigration policy, 1000's of new laws most of which were ill thought out. dodgy dossier, era of spin and smear. is it a good idea to become a member of the labour party, ? you tell me.

I know I will vote Tory because as history proves, Labour always (with good intentions in the past, not now, they are only thinking of their selves and their perks) spend spend spend and destroy our economy,

and the Tories (toff..people with money)always have to be the baddies come in and put our finances right, but that always means 'cuts' ... at some point people will have to realise that if we dont live within our means we will lose everything we hold dear to our society, we are spending more than we are generating the intrest alone runs into billions.

libs all very nice but not very practical at this time.

labour lies, spin and statistics please dont be fooled by this bunch, at least in the past Labour had some honesty and integrity.

BecauseImWorthIt · 07/01/2010 07:40

Can you provide the evidence for these assertions, tisfedup?

BecauseImWorthIt · 07/01/2010 07:41

And I ask because you make some interesting arguments, but I'd like to see the figures for myself before making an informed, rather than prejudiced, decision about who to vote for.

vesela · 07/01/2010 10:47

While I'm a Lib Dem and intensely opposed to large swathes of Labour policy/attitudes I also say good for you. More people should get involved, definitely. Having been an activist myself (I would be still if I hadn't moved abroad) it just seems like a really natural thing - if you can make more of a difference in the direction you want things to be (and you can, always) then why not?

I actually went from not even voting LD - had previously voted both Tory and Labour - to signing up and getting involved in local party in the space of about two weeks. It was post-Iraq war and I just wanted to DO SOMETHING. It was time well spent and I miss it - have done the odd bit of phone canvassing via skype from over here, but it isn't the same.

tisfedup · 07/01/2010 11:32

BecauseImWorthIt..... sorry Im not quite sure how to create links, but you will find a vast choice of information from different veiw points.

for Gold. please google, gordon brown gold,

for Pensions Google Gordon brown pension fund.

For Debt google UK national debt, same with deficit. and or gordon brown uk debt.

for Banking google, gordon brown banking regulation.

google, how many UK laws passed 1997 - 2009

the list goes on, but easliy found, if their is some thing specific feel free.

I also make a point of listening to debates in full (sad i know) but most MSM will cut, and portray their own interpretation to fit theirs, their bosses agenda,

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