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What environmental questions did Miliband NOT answer last week which you'd like someone to pose on Channel 4 news tomorrow?

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MerryXmasMrsHenry · 09/12/2009 13:35

A friend of mine is going to be on a panel of mums on C4 news tomorrow, asking Ed Miliband questions about the environment. I said I'd help her come up with a few questions, your best, MNers!

OP posts:
FiveGoMadInDorset · 09/12/2009 13:40

Was anything mentioned about paying per mile for driving? If not could you ask him about this. I live in a rural area and run a B&B like many other people we know and I am worried that if they decided to bring this in then our livelihood would be seriously affected.

sarah293 · 09/12/2009 13:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

policywonk · 09/12/2009 21:58

I think he dodged the one about nuclear waste (ie what's going to be done with it - he's proposing building 10 new reactors).

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