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Anyone following the elections for Speaker today?

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artichokes · 22/06/2009 13:10

Just wondering if any other geeks are following this today?

Who do we think will win? (I think Beckett will)
Who do we want to win? (Not sure I am that excited by any of them really).

OP posts:
policywonk · 24/06/2009 20:28

I reckon Bercow's going to swing it. Just a feeling in my water. Might put some money on him actually.

(Sorry, missed this at the time - I was out on Monday night but was sad enough to find a telly and watch it all the same.)

giddykipper · 24/06/2009 20:30

I had to chortle when I heard that someone had spoilt their ballot paper

policywonk · 24/06/2009 20:45

heh. I hadn't heard that. Was it someone scrawling 'we're all as bad as each other!' in green ink?

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