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Please read and post - make a difference working against the BNP

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hereidrawtheline · 13/06/2009 22:30

I am compiling a list of people within the United Kingdom who would for one reason or another fall foul of the BNP were they in power. My personal opinion is that this will not happen, as they are thankfully far outnumbered by those of us with sense. Still, I do not feel relaxed about them at all as they are there, they have a following, and people are discouraged and not voting. And I do not believe in complacency when it comes to basic human rights.

The point I am trying to make is that one person is capable of reaching out to a huge number of other people and contacting them in some way. Also that one person is capable of bringing countless examples of people who would be unwelcome in a BNP controlled country, some of these not at first obvious to the naked eye. I am doing this via one of my personal email accounts, and 2 forums I regularly use.

We all know that the BNP doesn?t want a country full of immigrants and non-whites, but what about all of the other people their ideas can be applied to? Feminists? Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals? Caucasian Immigrants? Disabled and elderly? Second and third generation immigrants? People of the ?wrong? religion? And of course, family members; you may be very ?English? by the BNP?s standards (by the way, what exactly are the standards? What exactly makes you British?), but would you stand by and watch your gay brother or son injured or sent away? Remember that although on the face of it, their policies apply to non-Caucasians and immigrants, in reality if their way was put into practise it would cascade down into anyone who did not uphold their same belief system. That is the way these people operate. And where will they draw the line? I am sure if a white American born/British citizen were causing them a great deal of hassle by speaking out, the immigration law would quickly be turned on them as well. The point is, that as well as being bigots, they are irrational. Thankfully thousands of people are working to expose them to as wide an audience as possible so that they do not get support from people who may be ill informed, or simply go along with the flow of those around them. One person can still do great harm by casting a vote and spreading propaganda.

I am joining this effort to ensure that anyone who stumbles upon my words will have more information than they had before. While I trust this country to not go in the BNP?s direction it is by no means done and dusted and will not be in ours, or our children?s lifetime, if ever. Less than one hundred years ago millions died because of a government-sanctioned group of fascists, and millions more in fighting them out of power. The fascist legacy lives on today in the people who deny the Holocaust, and who continue to propagate hate. I do not believe we are immune to these atrocities, and indeed, many people in other parts of the world are still suffering under regimes such as these. We owe it to every parent, child, friend, and soldier who has suffered under hands of bigotry and cruelty to contribute what we are capable of in the fight to keep the world safe for everyone.

Please post here every example you can think of, either yourself or your close friends & family members, who would be harmed or excluded in a country run exclusively by the BNP. You do not have to put actual names, of course, but please give us an idea of who you are referring to such as gender, age, race etc, whatever may be relevant. And please remember whatever you post I will be publishing on my blog, link below. I will be posting the data gathered on the 14th July to make a point that in only one month, we are able to gather such a large amount of names. After you have posted could you please add your number of examples to the running total to make it easier for me to add up at the end. If you have received this in email and not forum form could you please copy [email protected] into your reply or forward so that I have your added data as well. In this case a forwarded e-mail may actually make a difference. Blog address:

I want to provide an alternative to the grim lists of casualties from the Nazi regime and others like it ? an antithesis to the list of dead. I will begin:


30 year old woman American/British citizen, have been here 8 years married to English husband, have one son with dual citizenship. Myself, my husband, and son would all be in danger. My English father in law is married to a Thai lady ? they live in Thailand by choice but are still British citizens. My husband?s best friend is Rhodesian by birth but adopted by an English couple thirty odd years ago. His wife (English) and their unborn child would of course also be affected.

Running total ? 8

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hereidrawtheline · 14/06/2009 11:06

bump please

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hereidrawtheline · 14/06/2009 22:35


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Noonki · 14/06/2009 22:37

I would be out as would my two sons, my mother.

hereidrawtheline · 14/06/2009 22:39

thanks for contributing

tally via MN thus far


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MumHadEnough · 14/06/2009 22:40

My bosses, who are Indian but now British Citizens. They have been here 25 years, are both doctors and have made an enormous difference in the way healthcare is in this country.

Rindercella · 14/06/2009 23:07

My DH and DD would be out. I would be by proxy. DSS would be out, as would MIL, step FIL, 3 x SILs, 1 BIL, 4 niece/nephew in laws. That's just for starters.

Actually, probably 60-70% of people I know would be out one way or another. That's what makes the BNP 'policies' so pathetic. I would love the BBC to do the 'Who Do You Think You Are' programme on Nick Griffin or any of his cronies & see what they turn up.

Tally (my 14 + your 12) 26

chegirl · 14/06/2009 23:15

Me for being a race traitor
My 3 boys
My 6 sil
My 4 bil
My 30 neices and nephews

I could go on but thats enough to be getting on with. I also have lots of friends, colleagues and neighbours but I am not sure I could add them all up.

so 45 + 26= 71

hereidrawtheline · 14/06/2009 23:15

Rindercella you are exactly correct that the majority of the population would be out in one way or another, and I know its tedious to list it all when it is so obvious, but I think the end result, visually, will have more impact than saying something simple like 3/4. So thanks for posting your additions.

OP posts:
Ninkynork · 14/06/2009 23:17

My adoptive mother is an Irish immigrant if that counts.

I was a divorced single-parent on benefits at one point too, as is my sister.

Also have a DS and DH and I would do everything in our power not to have him do National Service for the feckers. Christ knows what that would entail!

DD suffers from an inherited blood-clotting disorder.

They wouldn't like us much.

Love the idea of Nick Griffin being the subject of a "Who Do you Think you Are?"

YanknCock · 14/06/2009 23:18

I'm out (American/British citizen)

ExH and his sister are out (Black British)

ExPILs out (Jamaican immigrants)

American friend out (also British citizen)

German friend out

Israeli friend out (despite renouncing her citizenship and becoming a British citizen)

2 Children of the German/Israeli couple out

That's 10 from me, and can think of loads more past and present co-workers in the NHS.

hereidrawtheline · 15/06/2009 00:04

If anyone wants to circulate the OP to friends and family please email the address I gave in the OP. Thanks.

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FairLadyRantALot · 15/06/2009 00:11

hmm...firstly I am german...and whilst I know the bnp affiliates themselves with Nazi Germany and their ideas [boak]...I suppose I am still not brittish...

I also have a cleft lip and palate, and that might not be welcome...but am not really aware of the stance that bnp takes on this...

watched an interesting programme this morning, and had to remind myself that those bnp guys are accomplished speakers, just like Hitler....which is you find yourself nodding alng and than thinking, that was not what I thought that was about....

hereidrawtheline · 15/06/2009 00:15

FairLady thanks for adding and for understanding this isnt an anti-German thing. I am not going to tar a whole nation like the BNP will.

OP posts:
hereidrawtheline · 15/06/2009 12:49

bumping - please add.

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LadyG · 15/06/2009 13:18

Hmm my whole family about half the parents and teachers at my DS's school, most of the doctors and many of the nurses at the hospital I work at (and in fact at any hospital I have ever worked at). So running into hundreds.

FAQinglovely · 15/06/2009 13:20

Me for being a race traitor

DH would definitely be out, as would I guess my DS's (half Zimbabwean, half English)

LadyG · 15/06/2009 13:32

Also please see

LadyG · 15/06/2009 13:33


LadyG · 15/06/2009 13:40

try again

MoovinMama · 15/06/2009 13:41

Another race traitor here! Plus my DH - half English half Kiwi, but the Kiwi is Maori, so NOT acceptable to the BNP. And I suppose our two darling DSs, by default. Also my DH's Aunt is Kenyan, and therefore his 3 amazingly bright and talented cousins are out. And my best friend's dad is Jewish, so that's both of them out. A count of 10 without even trying.

LadyG · 15/06/2009 13:43

Bump for those of you surfing in your lunchbreak or while DCs napping...

hereidrawtheline · 15/06/2009 14:04

Thank you everyone.

The Editor I work with for my blog is very keen on this idea as well and is helping me push it - it might even make it in print. It is essential that as many people add to it specific examples of people as possible. Remember we are trying to convey who these people are. I know we can all think of thousands but if you say maybe 5 specific people, what they are like, why they would be excluded, why they are valued - anything will be very very useful and appreciated. In a minute I am going to post another link for you I have to sort something else out on my blog first to get it ready. Please keep it coming this really will matter.

OP posts:
hereidrawtheline · 15/06/2009 15:06


thanks for your support and posts.

The Editor I am working with and I have slightly changed the format of it to get the widest audience. Please see my blog here and post your additions in a comment. For everyone who has already posted I will post for you if you like but from now on please may I direct everyone to this blog where you can add your 'people'.

This is a blog under the Independent banner and will be seen - it is worthwhile doing this. Thanks again!

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pickyvic · 15/06/2009 19:49

i now i know im being really thick but ive opened that link and now what do i do? its not clear if and where i post. or you can do it for all means. x

hereidrawtheline · 15/06/2009 21:29

sorry about that - you leave a comment on the blog under the piece I have written. If you would like me to do it for you let me know. You can email me at [email protected] - Thanks

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