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Discovered a new creepy kink exists

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Bulkypeepants · 10/12/2023 20:39

Trying to sell some maternity/nursing bras on FB marketplace. Only responses I'm getting are from men asking 'if they're used'. Since when has this been a thing?

Each to their own and all but but IMHO, this planet is full of pervs 😣

OP posts:
Unicorn34 · 10/12/2023 21:01

Maybe say they are and up the price to reflect

gamerchick · 10/12/2023 21:07

They'll ask to see them on probably if you play along. You might get lucky and get rid of them for triple the price.

Men can find a fetish in anything.

EnjoyingTheSilence · 10/12/2023 21:07

Ooh how much they offering? Is it worth buying some, saying and saying they’re used? 🤣🤣

KombuchaKalling · 10/12/2023 21:08

Exactly the same thing happened to me 🙈

Milliemoos5 · 10/12/2023 21:09

Oh yea, the ‘mummy’ kink is a well known thing! (If you know about these things!). Loads of women sell them on websites designated for this particular kink so I think it’s unnaceptable that men are using standard selling sites to send these kind of messages. It’s not on

Bulkypeepants · 10/12/2023 21:13

Yeah, one guy offered 5 times the price! But lots of Facebook scams start with scammers offering inflated prices. Plus he asked me to post it. Can't be arsed with that.

OP posts:
Bulkypeepants · 10/12/2023 21:15

Ha, someone just messaged to see 'if they have any stains on them'

Making my skin crawl

OP posts:
NeverDropYourMooncup · 10/12/2023 21:16

You're posting in the Politics section.

Have you put your location in as Westminster?

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