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Migrants, waiting for death

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MsAmerica · 29/07/2023 01:39

Stranded in a strange land, and waiting for death
By Vivian Yee

For nearly three weeks now, more than 1,000 men, women and children from Africa have been clinging to survival in the no-man’s lands at Tunisia’s borders. A few scrubby trees offer fitful shade, videos taken by migrants show, and border guards from neighboring Libya and Tunisian aid workers occasionally drop off water and a bit of bread. Otherwise, there is nothing.

Tunisian authorities dumped the African migrants there after rounding them up in the Mediterranean port of Sfax, hours away, where growing numbers have boarded boats to nearby Europe this year. Many were beaten by officers; a few have died in the desert, where there is little to no medical care, migrants and rights groups say.

Over and over, they sent pleas for help from the dwindling number of phones they managed to keep charged: “Please help us. We are dying,” one wrote to The New York Times on Saturday. “We don’t have any food and water,” begged another. “We are stranded. If there’s any way you can help us…” By Sunday, the text messages had stopped.

OP posts:
pentangles · 10/08/2023 01:08

I strongly doubt the mumsnet demographic cares.

dubsie · 13/08/2023 10:14

The whole problem was created by ourselves, needless wars and supporting/ funding curruption abroad has led to mass migration into Europe.

The solution isn't tougher borders or floating migration centres but dialogue with the countries these people are leaving. The problem is Britain, France, Spain have burned too many bridges through colonialism, oil exploration and extensive exploitation that our relationship with many African states is now strained.

Africa is not poor, it has huge resources but the problem is that while there is vast wealth there is also curruption and poverty.....the answer to all this I'm afraid is international politics not migration policy

MsAmerica · 14/09/2023 01:02

pentangles · 10/08/2023 01:08

I strongly doubt the mumsnet demographic cares.

You may very well be correct - and it doesn't help that the MN forums are poorly laid out and poorly titled, in my opinion - but the first step to caring might be for someone to provide information like this.

OP posts:
TigerTERF · 14/09/2023 01:44

Awful situation. What can people in the UK do to help?

PerfectYear321 · 14/09/2023 01:49

Oh my god

Lalgarh · 11/12/2023 11:42

The worse fate is to board a boat from say Mauritania hoping you'll get to the Canary Islands and end up dying adrift in the Atlantic.

There are now THOUSANDS of unmarked graves, not just in Europe but all across the America's for people either crossing like this or flying to a transit country (Belarus in Europe or Costa Rica in Latin America) then trekking

Adrift | An AP Investigation

For nearly two years, AP journalists traced the story of one boat across three continents — and the people it carried from hope to death.

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