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"I’m not scared of anything."

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MsAmerica · 23/03/2022 02:29

"I’m not scared of anything"
Death and defiance in besieged Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv
The port city is being shelled by Russian forces every day but residents refuse to succumb
By Michael Schwirtz

Yet there is also a refusal to succumb. Rubbish is still being collected, and city workers have embarked on an aggressive tree-pruning campaign, though the shelling is knocking down some of those trees.

There is the family who closed down a high-end interior design business and now drives around the city all day delivering food to needy residents, pausing only on occasion to dash into a basement for cover.

There is the group of local guys who banded together to try to fix a Russian tank damaged in the fighting so that Ukraine’s military might use it.

A few blocks from the morgue, the Coffee Go cafe is doing a brisk business, even as artillery fire rattles the plate-glass windows. When the owners tried to close down, their teenage employees rebelled, said Viktoria Kuplevskaya, an 18-year-old barista with a streak of orange in her hair. “We wanted to work,” she said. “I’m not scared of anything.”

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