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If there is ww3

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Sugarplumfairy22 · 06/03/2022 22:01

I know this sounds stupid- I’m very thick when it comes to this sort of thing but what will that mean?
Will the uk get involved?
Will the uk be attacked?
Will it be like ww2? Food rations? Children leaving cities?
All men called to fight?

This may sound ridiculous to you all but I suffer from my nerves terrible. I keep asking my husband and he says he’d rather not talk about it which is so unhelpful

I’m literally in tears about the poor people in Ukraine- I feel so guilty wondering how and if a ww3 would affect the rest of the world

OP posts:
Cakemonger · 06/03/2022 23:22

There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Putin, although evil and obsessed with recreating a Russian empire, is a) completely stupid or b) suicidal. I am not an expert but I was more scared of the possibility of nuclear war when Trump was president. There are some dire leaders in the West (our own PM for one) but they aren't stupid or suicidal either. Neither is the Chinese premier. Again, I'm no expert but I think claims of www3 are completely over the top. I've seen people deliberately scaremongering in response to posters who are anxious. It's really a shitty thing to do.

RoseslnTheHospital · 06/03/2022 23:24

Please ignore deliberate scaremongering by certain posters, Hmm

Not even Putin wants to use nuclear weapons, they are a useful tool to threaten the world with rather than anything else. China won't want him to use them. If there's any genuine concern that he might consider it then the entire international community will look to prevent it via whatever means necessary.

What is more possible is a localised issue with one of the nuclear power plants in the Ukraine, in the manner of Chernobyl, which might cause issues for the Ukraine and nearby countries. Much less likely to have any major effects on the UK.

TheresSomebodyAtTheDoorNeil · 06/03/2022 23:30

A lot of the fear is being pushed by the media who are raking in a bloody fortune from clickbait articles..... But no. Im not worried.

Id like to think theyd be some sort of fitness test for anyone asked to fight tho, id probably be ok but dp dithers that much I may as well shoot him now Hmm

jytdtysrht · 06/03/2022 23:31
  1. you are not thick - you just don’t know all about this particular event, which is OK.

  2. I think you would be best off completely ignoring it, because it make you anxious and upset. There is nothing that you personally can influence, so just carry on with your life.

    More than 100 countries are currently and will continue to avoid World War 3. Because everyone, apart from Putin, knows that there are no real winners in wars. Wars hurt everyone. Nobody wants to use nuclear weapons. For a start, Ukraine is right by Russia and radiation travels.

    Nobody can say what it would be like to be in WW3. It’s not likely that it would be like WW1 or WW2 IMO. We live in a different world.

    Try not to think about it and hope that someone close to Putin kills him.
Miracle29 · 07/03/2022 08:26

OP your not stupid or thick and I feel the same way. I don't understand anything when it comes to things like this. I started a thread last week because my ds was asking questions, such as is there a war, will I need to fight etc. It really worried him. I tried to reassure him best I could but when I was younger I had a massive fear of war, I don't know why or what started it. It subsided as I got older. When I started to hear what was going on in Ukraine I felt really bad for them it's just so upsetting but when ds started asking these questions I started to read more into it and scared myself and bang the fear returned. I've always been told 'don't believe everything you read' I've tried my best to tell myself that everytime something scary pops up on my phone. There are a lot of stories out there that are not true. There are days, such as yesterday I've felt terrified, scared my children will be hurt and how can I protect them etc. If I see a scary headline I don't read it now. I watch the news now and then. You've had some really supportive comments here and some wise words and I've actually felt better myself reading them. It's hard when you know nothing about something it can become scary and intimidating. Look after yourself. Only read reliable sources from now on.

ArseInTheCoOpWindow · 07/03/2022 08:52

Why only men called to fight??

Because someone has to look after the children

PuzzledObserver · 07/03/2022 09:03

Putin likes waving the nuclear option just enough to get NATO countries to back off for long enough so that he can take over Ukraine and the other remaining former Soviet countries which are not in NATO.

He won’t directly attack a NATO country, any more than we will directly attack him.

Sugarplumfairy22 · 07/03/2022 09:26

Thanks everyone for your advice.
I’ve actually been reading about it through news round and that has helped me understand it a bit more. Thanks to the poster that recommended that to me 👍🏻

OP posts:
fifteentoes · 08/03/2022 21:51

I'm not sure why people are so confident Putin wouldn't use nukes. A large part of the way he has become, and remained, so powerful is simply by being more ruthless than others and being willing to go beyond the limits of normal rational leaders. If he loses in Ukraine it will be utterly humiliating and potentially the end of his presidency. He could well be willing to stake it all on a nuclear attack at that point, his track record suggests he wouldn't have the same regard for all the reasons not to that most people have. And it's possible that he's seriously mentally ill.

Whether the command structure within Russia would allow it to happen, I don't know. I don't think any of us know.

Nuclear weapons doesn't just mean press a red button and destroy the world, however. There are all kinds of small scale tactical nuclear weapons that he could start with, with largely localised effects.

There's not much point speculating on how such a scenario would play out. I can't help thinking that if the line were crossed that drew NATO into direct confrontation with him - for example by Russia attacking a NATO member state, or using a nuclear weapon that had existential implications for the world - it would be a seriously lopsided battle. It would be the USA, Canada and almost all of Europe against Russia. And if the Ukraine conflict drags on enough beforehand, more neighbouring states are going to want to join NATO for protection.

mpsw · 09/03/2022 07:56

There are all kinds of small scale tactical nuclear weapons that he could start with, with largely localised effects

I think this is a point that is often overlooked

Also what destruction is caused by certain advanced non-nuclear weapons

meditrina · 09/03/2022 08:01

And if the Ukraine conflict drags on enough beforehand, more neighbouring states are going to want to join NATO for protection

They'll want to, but you can't just join. It's a bit like EU, you have to be aligned, able to meet standards and make contributions, and be accepted by all existing members. It takes time, even in peacetime and even for a country with a stable economy and an adequately resourced and skilled military, it can take a couple of years.

What I think is needed is UNSC reform. UN is utterly stymied because it's one of the P5 who is the aggressor. But whether that will be possible, because of the same vested interests, is another question. It's something that was unacheivable before, and I don't see it being much easier now.

ArseInTheCoOpWindow · 09/03/2022 09:28

It would be a seriously lopsided battle. It would be the USA, Canada and almost all of Europe against Russia and China

China would join Russia.

fifteentoes · 09/03/2022 12:54

That doesn’t look like a forgone conclusion

mpsw · 09/03/2022 19:24

BBC on concerns that Russia might use non-conventional weapons

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