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Is it even worth voting if you think both Labour and Tory are awful?

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murteplod · 29/10/2020 16:15

What is the correct thing to do? Feels like my vote is just totally pointless

OP posts:
Skysblue · 02/11/2020 17:19

Vote. For one of the other parties. If more people had voted lib dem last election because of the BJ / Corbyn pantomime then we wouldn’t be in this shitty situation.

Cavagirl · 02/11/2020 17:22

If you really can't, spoil your ballot paper.

I often wonder how much political change there would be if there was 100% turnout but 40% of the ballot papers said "none of the above" etc instead of 40% staying at home.

Jux · 05/11/2020 19:29

Please do vote. Even if you think it will be 'wasted' on a party which can't possibly win in your constituency or nationally, the numbers all add up and have an effect on everyone, including encouraging other people to vote for the same party next time perhaps......

If no one voted for the Green Party "because they were a single issue party and had no real relevance and any vote for them was a waste" when they first started then no one would ever have voted for them; instead of which they are now, and have been, quite a force.

Nackajory · 05/11/2020 19:33

You have a responsibility to vote. If everyone did things might be different

dingledongle · 05/11/2020 19:36

Please, please, please vote.

In some countries people are unable to ☹️

Read about the other candidates and then make your choice 😊

jojomolo · 05/11/2020 19:54

Spoil your ballot!

Not voting is interpreted as you not being bothered - being fine with either. If you're not fine with that, spoil your ballot. Those votes are counted.

Blueberries0112 · 05/11/2020 20:23

That's what happened to US and we got Trump. If you don't like either of them, then vote for what you believe in even if you don't believe they would follow through what their party believe in.

MsAmerica · 06/11/2020 01:23

Yes. Two parties are never equivalent. They're never equally awful. If you think they are, that's because you aren't sufficiently informed.

People have died for the right to vote. Use it.

Jux · 07/11/2020 17:20

What the US election is showing us is that if you vote, even when you think there's no point, you might actually win. So yes, it's worth it.

cdtaylornats · 17/11/2020 16:22

In Scotland it is worth voting anything but SNP or Green.

Gwenhwyfar · 17/11/2020 16:25

I don't understand the people saying spoil your ballot. There are more than two parties. Vote for a different one. Votes still count and help a party even if they don't get in.

Varjakpaw · 17/11/2020 16:28

Please use your vote. There are rarely only two options on the ballot in this country.

Cuddling57 · 17/11/2020 16:35

Yes use your vote!
If it's for a pressure party it's still useful.
I have sometimes voted green even though they were never going to win because our local mp may adopt some of their policies if they can see they are popular.

bellinisurge · 19/11/2020 11:02

Spoil your paper and lobby for PR. I used to hate the idea of PR (I'm in my 50s) but my mind is totally changed now.

AgeLikeWine · 19/11/2020 11:16

I had a similar dilemma at the last two general elections. As an ex-Labour activist I could never vote Tory, obviously, except as a tactical vote to keep out the BNP or similar right-wing extremist.

I refused to vote Labour while Corbyn was leader because I was around Labour politics for long enough to know that he is not and never could be a leader of anyone or anything. He would have been hopelessly and dangerously out of his depth as PM of a G7 country.

So I voted Lib Dem, despite them having no chance of winning in my constituency. It felt like a wasted vote, but I had no other choice.

Gwenhwyfar · 20/11/2020 17:59

"Spoil your paper and lobby for PR."

No! Vote for another party AND lobby for PR. Don't spoil your paper unless you genuinely don't like any of the options FFS.

Childrenofthestones · 26/11/2020 14:04

There should be an option for "None of the above". That way they couldn't make bollox statements about voter apathy. They would have to admit that you got off the sofa on a rainy Thursday and went along to the polling station and made a choice.
It will never happen mind because they would have to admit that they are letting down the electorate and not the other way round.

Christmasbiscuit · 26/11/2020 14:10

Depends on the candidate for me as well as the party so look them up before you decide. My area is heavily SNP and only Labour come close to catching up. Bit shit when you don't currently support either but I always vote.

Tanith · 15/12/2020 21:38

"I often wonder how much political change there would be if there was 100% turnout but 40% of the ballot papers said "none of the above" etc instead of 40% staying at home."

The party that wins the most votes will form a government. That's it.

They take absolutely no notice whatsoever of spoiled ballots, except to record them as spoiled. No-one gives a stuff how many are spoiled or why they were spoiled. So far as they're concerned, it's just a wasted vote.

Those of you who wasted your vote at the last election: what actually happened? Did someone contact you to ask you why you felt politically homeless and what they could do to persuade you? Did they listen to your views?
No! Of course not!
The current Government got in and no-one cared a damn what you thought.

notevenat20 · 11/01/2021 11:26

There are other parties! Poor Lib Dems have disappeared from people's thoughts completely....

cdtaylornats · 11/01/2021 17:08

lobby for PR

Take a look at what PR gets you. In Scotland we have an SNP regime solely because the Greens (all list MSPs) prop them up.

SJaneS49 · 13/01/2021 06:23

Not a PR fan either - historically its led to some very weak governments.

Don’t spoil your ballot, women died to get you that. You have more than two choices. Research your options and vote accordingly. Balanced democracies need us to use our voices and not sit on the sidelines.

Oblomov20 · 13/01/2021 06:34

I don't understand or agree with spoiling your ballot paper.

Surely you can vote for Lib Dem or Green Party, or someone.
Eventually, if everyone who dislikes Tory or labour, which now you come to mention it, is kind of Me! , then surely the votes add up. At least it would encourage the underdog, and also scare the main party candidate, into realising it was close, And that they may not win next time if they don't buck up their ideas.

User158340 · 13/01/2021 06:37


If you really can't, spoil your ballot paper.

I often wonder how much political change there would be if there was 100% turnout but 40% of the ballot papers said "none of the above" etc instead of 40% staying at home.

True. Couldn't bring myself to vote for anyone last year. Not the Lib Dems either
Newrumpus · 27/02/2021 13:11

I have spent most of my adult life in this situation. Sometimes I have refused to vote; sometimes I have spoiled my ballot paper. It depends on the situation. Sometimes none of the options are acceptable because their key manifesto aims are contrary to mine. Recently, I have been able to find candidates to tolerate - and in one case enthusiastically support - so have been back in the voting booths and marking voting slips appropriately.
I have been an activist throughout though. There are many ways to be politically active.

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