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'We stand for the 99%'

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waspfig · 06/12/2019 09:59

Just watched Corbyn's speech and was actually quite impressed. I have been unsure on labour's brexit stance but he made a good point about reuniting the country and working for the many rather than the few.

I'm glad he is exposing the government documents as it shows up their lack of transparency.

Are labour the party for the many?

OP posts:
puds11 · 06/12/2019 10:02

Realistically all parties are for themselves, but labour do seem to be seriously addressing the rich / poor divide and homelessness. I think Corbyn is a knob, but then again I can’t name an MP I like!

I’m inclined to think either way (Tory or labour) will break the country, just one way will break it financially and the other will break the people.

sunglasses123 · 06/12/2019 10:08

Corbyn will break the country financially so won’t be able to implement his promises. He wants state everything and having worked with many parts of the government as a large supplier I wouldn’t trust most of them to cut my toenails.

The waste and pontificating is just awful and it’s tax payers money that is being used

paolo2143 · 06/12/2019 12:19

He won't break the economy as the best Labour can hope for is a minority Govt supported by a progressive alliance. This will prevent the disaster of a Boris Johnson led Tory Govt and a hard damaging Brexit, but Mr Corbyn will only be able to implement some of his policies.

As most of them are set at balancing the gap between rich and poor and in helping the working classes and those less fortunate in society then that is good enough for me

mond4321 · 09/12/2019 21:48

I am a former fan of Blair and Brown’s Labour leadership. Labour’s “Strapline” or “Catchphrase” (or whatever it is called) however is no longer fit for purpose. It claims to be the party” for the many, not the few” but that strikes me, a former fan, as increasingly incorrect. The current leadership has taken over the party on a very narrow base. It is so disappointing for me to see the party taken over at a grassroots level by such hardliners. By doing this they have changed the whole direction of travel to a much worse place. The party leadership relies on support from a groups of students and unionists; is it really accurate to claim, these groups represent “the many”. I don’t think so.
If the unions are re-empowered through a Labour election victory, it will be to the great detriment of this country and almost everyone in it. Unions serve a valuable place in some circumstances, but when they use their power (as they frequently do) to hold to ransom thousands of commuters (remember these are almost overwhelmingly hard working people, not “bosses” or bankers), something must be wrong.
In the rail strikes of 2016 I heard dreadful stores of the personal sacrifices that some commuters had to make, such as giving up their jobs (some were fired), to deal with the consequences of the unions’ action who thought it was OK to cause these hard working people severe inconvenience over the issue of who pushes a button to close a door on a train. When I heard such stories I truly had an epiphany moment and thoughts that I could no longer support this former national institution (the Labour party).
As for the students who support the party’s extravagant spending plans; they should do what students are suppose to be doing and use their brains to try to work out who will ultimately be paying for these plans (hint, it won’t be the “rich” or “business” who will long since have emigrated or closed up shop). I wish the young would see this for what it is and vote accordingly (BTW I’m not advocating voting Tory, just not voting for Labour).

ColourMagic · 11/12/2019 05:06


A short film of Gordon Brown talking about Jeremy Corbyn. Interview on 6th December 2019

Pixxie7 · 11/12/2019 05:20

Well the tories certainly aren’t.

Skysblue · 11/12/2019 14:22

I’m no Corbyn fan, but I do think he has integrity and is trying to help the many, while the ‘Conservatives’ have gone completely off the rails. To the extent that even John Major and Kenneth Clarke are saying wow don’t vote for this lot.

All the current ‘leaders’ care about is staying in power... Hey, remember when Cameron cost the country (and world markets) billions, paralysed our economy and pissed off all our closest allies, by holding a badly structured referendum that most of the country didn’t actually want, just to try to stop UKIP chipping away at his vote share? Well the next five years could be a lot worse.

I find it very odd when people point to Labour’s manifesto and say that Labour will bankrupt Britain. Leaving aside the fact that nine years of Conservative rule hasn’t exactly proved their economic genius, a Labour election win wouldn’t actually turn their manifesto into law you know. Theresa May didn’t manage to cover the country with grammar schools did she? Or even get Parliament to pass her deal. These things take debate. They take consensus. They take vote after vote in Parliament and House of Lords. Corbyn won’t simply dance into Number 10 and be able to hit a big “nationalise” button 🙄

Anyway if you’re still worried about Corbyn, then vote for Swinson, as far as I can tell everyone agrees she’s very good and sensible but people don’t want to vote for her because they read somewhere that she won’t win 🤔

tiggertogger · 11/12/2019 14:31

I would love to see more moderate, centrist politics all round. This campaign has been hateful and I for one would love to vote for a party in the middle that tells the truth. Both Labour and Conservatives are missing the mark for me.

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