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I thought I had registered for a postal vote

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whensmynexthol1day · 01/12/2019 10:26

But haven't received anything through the post. Should I have? Thanks!

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Singlenotsingle · 01/12/2019 10:27

I got mine last week. All voted and posted now.

tinselvestsparklepants · 01/12/2019 17:32

I was just about to post the sand question. No postal vote received and I can't find any info about when I'd expect to get this other than a vague 1-2 weeks before. Does anyone know what the process is if it doesn't arrive? I'd have to do a 5 hour return drive to vote if it doesn't come but I damn well don't want to be disenfranchised.

YahBasic · 01/12/2019 17:42

We sent off our application for a postal vote as we are abroad from next Sunday until after the election.

I’m going to ring the office if it hasn’t arrived by tomorrow.

YahBasic · 02/12/2019 12:39

Just contacted our electoral services and they were really helpful.

We applied for a postal vote on 12 Nov and she let us know we are in the last batch to be posted first class today.

whensmynexthol1day · 02/12/2019 21:58

Hmm strange. Might ring up and check then. Thanks!

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