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50,000 more nurses within 5 years

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lljkk · 25/11/2019 20:19

Of which 14,000 are supposed to be home grown (!!)

How, I mean, just how. Would it still be a degree course, so do the nursing schools have to add 50% more places (currently about 28k/yr) just in the autumn of 2021 in order to get them all qualified by spring 2025 (5 years from now).

That's not actually physically possible, is it?! could the universities even expand in time and teaching capacity to make that possible?

The other parts of this plan. 14k to be recruited from abroad (again this is said to be very challenging) & stopping 18.5 k leaving the profession (another unlikely outcome).

Since May UK has been trying to recruit 5000 foreign nurses/year, that is three times the figure it currently recruits annually. so presumably the idea is to step up to recruiting FIVE times the amount of foreign-origin nurses that were recruited relatively recently?

The other thing is that I'm finding heaps of announcements back February-May time about recruiting more nurses... it's almost like the Tory GE manifesto pledge is just a ... recycled announcement of old plans.

50,000 more nurses within 5 years
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