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What has Hunt done to our NHS - and how has he got away with it?

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Trezo · 15/07/2019 08:50

Worth a Read this tells you all about it.

Neither Hunt nor Johnson should be PM

We should have a GE

Labour would Renationalise our NHS proper funding many other good polices including tackling causes of climate change which needs urgent action. Get behind Labour don't believe what the papers say.

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HappydaysArehere · 15/07/2019 09:32

Get rid of Corbyn and put in place someone who is not extreme hard left and I will once more vote Labour as I have always done.

Trezo · 15/07/2019 09:58

Thousands have joined Labour because of Corbyn His polices are transformative sensible polices for the many and what people need. If Corbyn is hard left call me hard left and the many others too.

You know MSM and the papers owned by Billionaires don't want a Corbyn for some reason. Corbyn can't be bought that's why right wing papers like Sun, Times continually smear Murdock boasted I picked all the PMs since 1979 too much say in politics.

OP posts:
Rumboogie · 15/07/2019 10:18

What a load of crap.

Corbyn and his acolytes will ruin the country.

He will lay waste to all our institutions; waste money; leave our country in even worse debt than the last Labour govt.

Our wealth creators will leave and our Jews will be persecuted.

How can you even think of supporting this dysfunctional sub-communist party?

Rumboogie · 15/07/2019 10:40

However, I do agree with you that Hunt is no better than Johnson in not being what he seems

Trezo · 15/07/2019 11:36

The Tories have ruined this country didn't you know cuts to every public service NHS Social care Police, schools can't afford pencils books essentials have to close early, too many others to mention. And the debt is now in the Trillions Dont be fooled Tories are not economically competent giving billions in tax cuts to the very richest while people in their thousands die waiting for tax credit disabled having to prove they are ill look it up.

The bankers caused a world wide financial crash that governments had to recover from nothing to do with Labour.

It's not true that the economy is run like a household budget thats what they want you to believe there is no need for austerity not an economic nessessity. Labour will invest in the economy. Anyway it's up to you to find out research all this look at Labour's polices.

You won't get the truth in right wing propaganda papers they have a smear campaign against Labour. Our wealth creaters won't leave as we will put up Tax to just below European countries so where will they go?

We have to collect tax from big corporations they must pay their fair share so that pays for all our essential public services which the Tory party have cut to the bone and people are suffering as a result low wages zero hours contracts. Labour will put that right.

Jeremy Corbyn has spent his life fighting all forms of racism including antisemitism he has won two peace awards. In fact since Corbyn became leader he has put in measures to tackle antisemitism now there is barely any in fact there is more in the Tory party and society as a whole.

What has Hunt done to our NHS - and how has he got away with it?
OP posts:
Rumboogie · 15/07/2019 12:40

Although there is some truth in what you say, esp regarding big corporations, the rest of your analysis is flawed. You need to look at the detail more carefully. Regarding antisemitism in the Labour party you are deluded if you think it is not rampant. The ruination of a once great socialist party by the Corbyn faction is an utter disgrace.

Trezo · 15/07/2019 13:15

You are taken in by the MSM lies smears propaganda rhetoric.

Jeremy Corbyn is a lifelong anti rasism campaigner you should look into this more.

A comment on Twitter As an 80 year old it warms my heart to hear that a large group of boy scouts are singing "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" At least I can feel content that the young in our society will not be as politically naive as their older compatriots!

I won't be answering anything more from you.

I want a fairer more equal society for my children and grandchildren so I will be voting Labour

OP posts:
Vesperia · 15/07/2019 13:21

@Rumboogie - totally agree. I think a massive amount of Jeremy Corbyn voters from the last election are a little more aware of his failings now

Trezo · 15/07/2019 13:30

More have joined Labour because of the BBC Panorama hatchet Job We have the biggest Labour membership in the whole of Europe because of Corbyn that's why I joined too.

OP posts:
Rumboogie · 15/07/2019 18:25
GCAcademic · 15/07/2019 18:33

It doesn’t matter how many have joined Labour, what you need is people who will vote Labour. Until Corbyn goes and someone less rigid and ideological, who isn’t the focus of a bizarre personality (hah!) cult takes over, I won’t be resuming my usual vote for Labour.

This sort of cult-like adultation and commitment to propaganda rather than engaging with voters’ concerns that the OP is demonstrating is what many of us find off-putting.

Trezo · 16/07/2019 01:00

It's not about personality it's about Labour's many transformational polices. That's why I and the many thousands joined Labour. You can call it a cult if you like. But we are just ordinary people wanting and needing a better more equal society.

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