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Channel 4 investigation into Farage’s lavish lifestyle.

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HappydaysArehere · 17/05/2019 09:24

Before voting I suggest that we should look long and hard at the investigation shown last night. Farage wouldn’t answer anything and that great smile of his turned into an unhappy block of stone.
What is your opinion?

OP posts:
Wavyheaded · 18/07/2019 15:59

This was on last night? Damn I missed it.

I hate that person from within my very bones. I don't know why people can't see through him?

Mrsjayy · 18/07/2019 16:05

He says he is the voice of ordinary people whilst hating how ordinary people live he gives no hoots for jim from kent who voted for him because he thinks "jim" is scum

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