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Help with Parish council

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Marzy1989 · 27/02/2018 19:33

Hi all, I’m hoping someone can offer me some guidance on how to deal ‘nicely’ with my parish council - anyone have experience?, been a parish council clerk maybe?

They have changed a policy regarding vases and ornaments at our local cemetery and I’d like to make a complaint about it but would like to do it the right way and hope for someone to listen and maybe help.
Can anyone advise how long they have to respond to a formal complaint?

OP posts:
BubblesBuddy · 11/03/2018 21:14

Do they have a complaints policy? Probably not. Write to the Clerk to complain. Also write to the Chairman. State clearly why you are upset and what you want changed and why. Did they consult before they made the changes you disagree with? How do they know what cemetery visitors want if they don’t ask. Point out that it’s not good practice to tell bereaved people what to do. Could you come to a compromise? If you can think of one, suggest it.

LovingLola · 11/03/2018 21:16

What has changed and why has it changed?

Marzy1989 · 15/03/2018 12:35

Thank you for your comments. They are just impossible to deal with !!! It’s lije they are the village Mafia.
They have changed the fact that you are no longer allowed any vase or ornament on the grass, everything has to be on the gravestone. The problem with this is many people don’t have vases built in the the gravestone so used the black plastic vases that stake into the ground. There is also s section for scattered ashes that don’t have gravestones (they just get a plaque). They have since instructed the grounds men to remove such items and they have all been dumped at the side of the little shed.
They have since and see the rules again since we started complaining to include that you can apply 3 times a year to place arrangements or flowers on the grass in front of the gravestone for 7 days - it’s an absolute insult!!!
There must be away to out them from their positions seeing as they are voted in in the first place

OP posts:
Furball · 15/03/2018 17:12

Does the PC have a website? Can you look at old minutes to see when and what was discussed etc. and how they came to that decision.

The PC have to legally display an agenda at least 3 clear days before the meeting as to what is to be discussed, they cannot discuss or vote for something that is not on that agenda.

You may find that the problem was no one from the public attended that meeting to say what they thought about the idea (Quite often there is a 5-10 min public participation before the meeting starts for people to say things about topics on the agenda and quite often no public attend). It would be wise to get the actual facts before approaching anything.

Their complaints procedure may well be on their website. Due to transparency laws all this stuff should be. If not you could contact the clerk and ask for a copy of their complaints procedure. Don't be scared - they will be fine with that, thats what it's for.

Then write a formal letter to the clerk stating what the problem is, you may well then find that the topic is then on the next agenda - it would be wise to attend that meeting if it is to say exactly what is what with the situation and how you /all? - (get as many together as you can -but act in a civil manner, if you are confrontational, they may well dig their heels in!) feel that the new 'rules' are seen as difficult and unsympathetic towards a very sensitive issue.

Gatecrasher61 · 10/06/2018 07:45

Sorry, but this seems to be reasonable to me. It is a maintenance issue. It is very costly to cut the grass or strim a grave yard. Glass pots are dangerous if they get broken and have to be moved each time so the contractor can cut the grass.

OddBoots · 10/06/2018 07:49

You can complain but I am not sure it will get you very far unless you propose some kind of alternative that mitigates the cost for example paying an annual fee to be allowed one vase per plot on the grass area that covers to cost of lifting it and putting it back when maintaining the area.

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