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Still undecided

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thisgirlrides · 29/05/2017 12:18

Anyone else still undecided? I've always blindly voted Conservative (because of upbringing & current surroundingsBlush) but this time I feel I need to make a proper informed decision and pretty sure their policies are not in line with my way of thinking.

I was swaying towards LD but there are still some key issues I fundamentally disagree with (mainly 2nd referendum but also universal free school meals at primary, legalising cannabis not to mention wet lettuce Tim Farron).

So then I looked to Labour (which was never something I thought I'd consider again upbringing etc ) and wholeheartedly support the taxation proposals & like the brexit approach, but struggling with the £10min wage and the idea of 'back to the 70's' for railways, energy companies etc.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Go easy on me please I'm a newbie on this board Blush . Oh, and possibly all irrelevant as I'm in a safe Conservative seat area (40+year history) Confused

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KingJoffreysRestingCuntface · 29/05/2017 12:23

Yes. I'm all over the place.

I've always voted Green but my mate is a Labour NewsSpready Person has has very much swayed me to vote Labour.

But I feel like I'm being unfaithful to the Greens.

I might just eat my ballot paper...

tatohead · 29/05/2017 13:40

I'm between lab and ld so am voting tactically for ld as they've got the best chance (although very very very very very slim) of ousting the vile Tory mp here

thisgirlrides · 29/05/2017 14:17

Ah now I hadn't even thought of tactical voting - that would mean LD as labour only managed 15% vs Con 55% in the last election (mind you LD weren't exactly close at 20% Hmm)

OP posts:
tatohead · 29/05/2017 17:51

Look at the 2010 election - I think LD got unfairly hammered in 2015 and a lot of the 2010 LD voters may come back to support them.

Mistigri · 30/05/2017 12:11

Why not check out your local candidates and look up the voting record of your MP (assuming s/he is standing for reelection).

I'm a Lib Dem member who doesn't have much time for Corbyn, but I would happily vote for the Labour candidate, David Lammy, in my (former) constituency.

cdtaylornats · 30/05/2017 13:18

If you own a house I suggest you check Labours proposed land value tax replacement for rates. You'll be paying to have a garden.

ExplodedCloud · 30/05/2017 13:21

cdtaylor there are no proposed reforms.

tickingthebox · 30/05/2017 13:22
ClaudiaApfelstrudel · 30/05/2017 21:39

with the greatest of respect OP and meaning no offence, I think most people who vote Tory are pretty poorly informed in general.

Anyone who actually looks into politics more than the surface of a few 'gotcha' headlines in the tabloids tends towards the centre left, which means Labour.

rollonthesummer · 31/05/2017 00:01

If you own a house I suggest you check Labours proposed land value tax replacement for rates. You'll be paying to have a garden.

I haven't seen any proposals relating to this? Do you have a link?

paolo2143 · 31/05/2017 01:01

actually it is a very fair plan although as far as i am aware it is not something they are definitely going through with it.

You can easily find out about Land tax by googling it and it seems much fairer than most taxes unless you start to believe the right wing Tory propaganda.

Remember just 2 years ago Theresa May & her Tory friends mocked Ed Miliband when he came up with energy cap policy and said it was marxist nonsense but now it is one of their main policies stolen from Labour and apparently it is now described as a sensible and fair tax.

That is why i can never trust the conservatives

BackforGood · 31/05/2017 01:12

Anyone who actually looks into politics more than the surface of a few 'gotcha' headlines in the tabloids tends towards the centre left, which means Labour


What a ridiculous thing to say.
There's been lots of debate in our house - been to the local hustings, watched the local candidates on TV tonight. Lots of discussion. Read all the information sent to us and pushed through the door. Looked at websites. Done several of the 'Who should I vote for quizzes'.
There are 4 of us eligble to vote in this house this time (+ a 15 yr old who is very interested). We will all vote for whoever we decide is the best of a pretty poor selection, and I suspect we will vote for 4 different candidates.
Whoever we all vote for, they will be informed choices though - can't believe any intelligent person can actually believe your ridiculous arrogance.

imablackstarnotapopstar · 31/05/2017 08:18

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TiggyMP · 31/05/2017 08:29

Anyone who actually looks into politics more than the surface of a few 'gotcha' headlines in the tabloids tends towards the centre left, which means Labour.

Labour are not centre left. They're extreme left. So far left that many centre left voters are voting Tory. So far left that there's talk of setting up a new left wing party and mass defections of Labour MPs. So far left that Corbyn couldn't fill all the shadow cabinet positions.

citroenpresse · 31/05/2017 09:22

For me it's a leadership, policy, personality and influences thing and of course negotiating skills for Brexit. Theresa May and Tories fail absolutely on all those counts. The flip flop over social care, failure to cost school meals, trite manifesto with empty ideas and no costings (and given the school meals fiasco, no ability on costings), but worst of all, endless aggressive but empty 'good deal' witterings about Brexit. How are we to accept she is a great negotiator when she refuses to debate with Jeremy Corbyn? No empathy, no interest in people, rigid thinking. 0 emotional intelligence. And like all Tories, only concerned about being in power. The fact that Corbyn's colleagues (up to now) haven't supported him is a huge mark against him but the manifesto is the work of the Labour party (not just Corbyn) so clearly they've found a way to work with each other. I'm hoping for a small majority for May - she needs an opposition - but awful times coming up for Britain. Once the rights of EU citizens have been protected, it will be a case of settling the bill and Merkel, Macron et al, enthusiastically waving goodbye.

shesabrick · 01/06/2017 11:17

Glad to find this thread as I too am very undecided on this one. I am from a very working class socialist upbringing and then married a middle class Tory so I hear both sides and lean both ways on different issues. I have voted either way in previous GEs based on issues at the time. Just did two online polls and got Labour in one Tory in the other. So that didn't really help.

I am in a very very safe conservative seat so my vote won't make much of a difference but I do feel strongly about the democratic process. I am also a public sector worker and I was/am strongly Remain but also against the idea that we can somehow reverse the democratic decision. And unlike others on this thread I don't think anyone is stupid or uneducated just because their opinion may differ from mine!

Mostly just posting to follow this thread Smile

AstrantiaMajor · 01/06/2017 12:24

I think this election is wide open. I have never met so many undecided people. I have Labour friends having kiniptions at voting Tory and Conservative friends who have lost faith in May.

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