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Weak and Wobbly

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BigGrannyPants · 22/05/2017 22:16

I love that Grin those who were planning to vote Tory... does the last few days change anything for you? Turmoil and U turns on the manifesto and terrible interviews etc... previous threads have said that they believed TM was the right person to lead us through Brexit... as she's just fucked up her own campaign 2 weeks before a general election that she called, has it changed your mind? JC seems to be gaining popularity whilst the Torys seem to be imploding

OP posts:
MrsELM21 · 22/05/2017 22:19

Yep, mind changed, voting labour what a fuck up the tories have made, careful what you wish for

Bejazzled · 22/05/2017 22:29

Do you mean 'weak'?

She and her party are still the best of a bad bunch - at least she isn't dangerous and a terrorist sympathiser

sunnydalegottobedone · 22/05/2017 23:08

The media whipped up a big all storm about Jeremy Corbyn - they really don't like him. He was involved in peace talks, at a time when peace was really needed. But hey it's get thrown up all the time as an anti Labour stance.

Vote on the policies, not the personalities or the media hysteria. is quite good, especially if you do the extra questions. See where the policies fit you and how you view things.

imablackstarnotapopstar · 31/05/2017 08:23

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