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Where will the rich people and the businesses go?

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ojalele · 17/05/2017 14:53

I have read on several threads that if taxes on the wealthy and on business are raised, then those people and their business will leave the UK.

So where will they go? I believe that the UK has relatively low taxation rates (compared to mainland Europe at least).

And if the UK has a relatively low tax rate, why are rich people from across Europe not all living in the UK? Could it be that people generally prefer to stay where they are and will put up with paying more taxes? And if so, isn't it a good thing to fund public services that are clearly struggling?

OP posts:
TheNaze73 · 17/05/2017 18:06

USA, Switzerland, Middle East.

ssd · 17/05/2017 18:08

They won't go anywhere, they have good accountants.

Don't listen to this nonsense.

AnnasBella · 17/05/2017 18:11

They won't go anywhere.

It's just throwing toys out of the pram. We've been squeezed beyond belief for the last 5 years, it's someone else's turn

Kursk · 17/05/2017 18:19

USA, Trump would probably welcome businesses if they will employ Americans.

Either that or register the business in Isle of Man, or some other tax haven.

I half expect the EU to offer tax brakes to businesses that move to the EU as part of thr Brexit deal.

From watching a lot of threads on MN over the past couple of weeks. It seems clear that the poor are fed up, the rich are fed up and services are crumbling due to a excessive population and massive government waste.

ssd · 17/05/2017 18:31

why are the rich fed up Confused

Kursk · 17/05/2017 18:36

From whatIhave seen, poor are fed up with getting kicked about, rich are fed up with being blamed for there success/ wealth etc.

In reality it's the government that is failing everyone

cejay · 17/05/2017 21:26

Businesses come here because we have a healthy workforce due to free healthcare, we are relatively safe due to paying for police and we have a literate workforce and infrastructure. The more the Tories destroy this infrastructure, the less productive we become and businesses will leave anyway. Also, small businesses will benefit from having fair competition if we tax multinational properly.

amicissimma · 18/05/2017 15:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amicissimma · 18/05/2017 15:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ApricotExpat · 18/05/2017 16:07

Switzerland, Lux, Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris - if they want to stay in Europe.
Otherwise Singapore, Hong Kong, BVI, Middle East etc.

LightYears · 18/05/2017 17:09

Maybe they could start a new colony on Mars.

imablackstarnotapopstar · 31/05/2017 08:22

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Badbadbunny · 03/06/2017 16:42

I thought we had a shortage of doctors because they were emigrating to Australia and Canada?

How will a marginal tax rate of nearly 70% help to keep doctors and dentists in the UK?

Corbyn's proposals to hit the "rich" will just mean more and more dentists and doctors will go part time, retire early, or emigrate as they won't be happy with a marginal tax rate of nearly 70%.

namechange20050 · 03/06/2017 16:43

Our doctors leave because we don't pay them enough.

JimmyGrimble · 03/06/2017 17:09

So Labour will increase Corporation tax to 26% by 2020 but this is still less than it was in 2010 (28%).
Currently we have a Corporation tax of 20%. One of the lowest in the G20.
The Tories would have us believe that in doing this they have created jobs and been responsible for wealth creation.
However - 80% of the jobs created have been low paid (many zero contract) jobs where people earn less that £7.95 an hour.
A few questions:
If lower Corporation tax was going to 'trickle down' and improve general standards of living wouldn't we have started to see an effect by now? Hint - We haven't
If lower Corporation tax was going to impact on public services positively why are we looking at a chronically underfunded NHS, education system and social care?
If those same corporations are genuinely going to go elsewhere where the fuck would they go?
Corporation tax in UK under Labour - 26%
Corporation tax in US - 40%
If they were looking for a Corporate tax rate of less than 26% they would need to go to:
Indonesia, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Korea - all of which have their own political and economic problems.
It's flannel. They're not going anywhere.
Who's got a magic money tree?

Crumbs1 · 03/06/2017 17:18

Only places they'll go will be Mustique and Whistler on holidays.

elevenclips · 03/06/2017 17:34

Taxing these people won't help. There just aren't enough of them. They can go anywhere they want.

JimmyGrimble · 03/06/2017 17:49

If you're talking individuals rather than corporations yes they can. And let's not kid ourselves, they're already avoiding tax and using offshore accounts.Making more profits for people like Theresa May's husband (why is that not a scandal BTW?) Why would we miss them exactly?
If they stay we should pursue them aggressively for the tax they're not paying.

tiggytape · 03/06/2017 17:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiggytape · 03/06/2017 18:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JimmyGrimble · 03/06/2017 18:15

Yes but in terms of Corporation Tax an increase to 26% still puts us at lower than 2010 levels and sill makes us one of the lowest in the G20. So where will they go?
The only countries lower than the UK would be:
Indonesia, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Korea - all of which have their own political and economic problems.
They say they will leave but it's just a rather cynical attempt to influence voting and hang on to their tax breaks. Disgusting really.

PelvicFloorTrauma · 03/06/2017 18:17

We are looking at parts of Europe or the Middle East. Other people we know are house hunting in Singapore and New York. After the last election I was amazed by how many of our friends and my husband's clients admitted to having made contingency plans. If taxes go up to levels described in papers then we won't be able to afford to live here. Will be a massive upheaval but there will be no alternative for us.

tiggytape · 03/06/2017 18:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thiscantreallybehappening · 03/06/2017 20:44

My DH has already applied for a position in Canada. This is a massive upheaval for us but we can't and we won't pay anymore tax in this country.

If Labour are elected next week or we have a hung parliament we will go and that is not bullshit. Yes, my DH is in the top 5% of earners. He already pays a high proportion of tax. We do not have a luxurious lifestyle and we have to plan for meals out at birthdays etc. My children go to a state school, we do not have private health insurance and we have one modest holiday a year. Ed Conway on Sky news did a section of how much tax high earners paid and it showed that they do already pay a substantial proportion of total tax.

The thing is Rebecca Long-Bailey said in the spin room at the end of last night's Question Time that there were "initial" tax increases in the Manifesto. There will be more, there must be to fund everything. In addition to this there will be the Land Valuation Tax and the Wealth Tax and we simply are not going to stick around to lose everything we have worked so hard for.

TheFaerieQueene · 03/06/2017 20:49

My DH is a very high earner and pays his taxes without cheating a penny - he won't break rules. He works ridiculously hard and stupid hours - it is affecting his health. He saves lives but is burning out. We are looking to move overseas as the taxation here is getting crazy. The brightest and the best will go.

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