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My #alternativefacts

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Tex111 · 22/01/2017 18:33

In light of Trump's Press Secretary's statement today:

My children are always loving and respectful towards me, especially the teenager. My husband loves housework. I never drink alcohol or take afternoon naps and I have to work really hard not to get too skinny. #alternativefacts

What about you?

OP posts:
Lweji · 22/01/2017 21:34

I spend too much time working and not enough MNetting.

I love Trump. I admire everything about him.

TheClaws · 23/01/2017 06:53

I really hate sleeping.

lljkk · 23/01/2017 20:32

I'm a tremendous athlete. Truly great. A tough smart competitor. I win every time.
I can sing, too. Just beautiful. You never heard so beautiful.
My piano playing is awesome. Terrific!

Tex111 · 23/01/2017 21:52

llijk, Smile

OP posts:
SoloD · 24/01/2017 07:46

Trump will be the greatest president ever. Period. He will unite the United States. It's gona be great...

SpongebobRoundPants · 24/01/2017 07:49

I think feminists are extreme and should listen to the opinion of the superior male, because they know better than us. Wink

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