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Immigrant feeling anxious

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WonderMomma · 25/06/2016 09:43

Woken up today questioning how well I'm actually accepted in the UK. I feel like I'm a fairly well integrated member of society, Brit DH, Brit friends and colleagues, speak the language, enjoy the pastimes, food etc. But now questioning whether no matter how hard you try to be a Brit, will you really and truly be accepted if you look different/ grew up elsewhere? Should I feel guilty that I have got a "born and bred" brit's job? Am I using up resources meant for a "born and bred" Brit? Would consider moving back to my home country but have been gone 18 years and not sure I'd feel at home there either because I was a second generation migrant there too. Feel like I don't belong anywhere, really it shouldn't matter because I'm a humanbeing, but everyone wants acceptance.

OP posts:
WonderMomma · 25/06/2016 10:05

As an immigrant you don't deserve the same as born and bred Brit

OP posts:
MassiveStrumpet · 25/06/2016 10:09

I'm a non-eu immigrant married to a Brit with British kids.

I guess I have always sort of felt "other" and people did subtle things to make me feel it.

Mistigri · 25/06/2016 10:35

I don't know a single immigrant affected by this - either UK citizen in the EU or EU citizen in the UK - who doesn't feel anxious about it to some degree :(

allegretto · 25/06/2016 10:40

As an immigrant you don't deserve the same as born and bred Brit

Wow, that's really nasty. Why do YOU deserve it?

Toocold · 25/06/2016 10:43

You are welcome by me, why is there so much hatred, it's awful, I think a lot of Brits have forgotten their history and looking back not many will have families that come from the UK and only the UK or Britian. If it makes you feel better op, I'm ashamed to be British right now and horrified by people's right wing views and can barely look at some people.

GingerAndTheBiscuits · 25/06/2016 10:57

allegretto I was half hoping there was a typo in that original reply. I'm sure Wonder will be along to enlighten us.

WonderMomma · 25/06/2016 11:12

It's the feeling of being a second class citizen, the different one, non deserving of a British job, healthcare etc.

OP posts:
MassiveStrumpet · 25/06/2016 12:59

I understood that the op was making an addendum to her first post, saying that's how she has been made to feel.

JoJoSM2 · 26/06/2016 12:27

I'm just glad I live in London which is welcoming. I do feel very sorry for foreigners living in some of the other parts of the country...

Dowser · 29/06/2016 17:04

I feel very ashamed and embarrassed by the behaviour of some my so called countrymen.

There's no need for it.
I don't care what colour anyone's skin is or what is their native language, if they treat me with respect and friendliness that's exactly what they will get back.
We are staying in a hotel at the moment that employs polish and Romanian cleaners . They struggle to get British cleaners.
The british manageress is married to a man from Poland who has contributed to our economy for 13 years.
They both feel that If people are here from another country who aren't contributing then they should go back.

I'm not sure how much I'd go along with that. Anyone as we know from thes boards can fall on hard times.

However, I'd like to apologise unreservedly from anyone being mistreated by supposedly British nationals.

We are not all like that.

lljkk · 29/06/2016 17:11

are you prone to angst, OP?
I thought one of the pleasures of being not-British in Britain was being able to look in amusement at all the angst. Don't partake.

Dowser · 29/06/2016 17:13

Let us not forget the bravery of polish pilots who put their lives on the line to fight alongside the raf in ww2

Many of the survivors married local girls and settle here.

Also, I'm sure there are other nationalities deserving of a mention...but just look at this article on the bravery and generosity of the Nepalese ghurlas

People forget the sacrifices made by the brave ancestors of some of these people now living here

BoatyMcBoat · 29/06/2016 22:52

As far as I'm concerned you're welcome here and I'd like you to stay. Thank you for giving your expertise and knowledge to our society, and thank you for paying taxes into our economy. Mostly though, thank you for bringing your experiences and culture and outlook to this country and helping us be little less insular, more multi-cultural and more open.

I hope that's not patronising and I hope it's inclusive and all that. I'm glad you're here.

Don't let a few (and theyre few) idiots put you off; sadly there's no cure for stupid so we're stuck with them, but they really do not speak for the majority of us.

apatheticfallacy · 29/06/2016 23:02

'Born and bred brit' here, not that it matters. As long s you are a good person I don't care where you're from or what you look like.

Immigrants are propping up our health system, businesses, banks, supermarkets and children's centres. They're performing heart surgery and sweeping our streets and everything in between. That's a fantastic thing that we should be celebrating.

The recent events are really upsetting, please don't let a few ignorant idiots affect your life.

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