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Duncan Smith took 9 months to pay 2 disabled peoples benefit. How come?

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fortyfide · 05/06/2015 12:31

The case is all over todays radio and TV news. Would it be a cock up, or deliberate nastyness.?

Do the Department of Work and Pensions use delays to deter people
from claiming? (Hope not)

OP posts:
blacksunday · 06/06/2015 09:47

Of course they do.

Benefit sanctions: the 10 trivial breaches and administrative errors

MPs’ inquiry heard copious evidence of claimants being docked hundreds of pounds and pitched into financial crisis for often absurd reasons

blacksunday · 06/06/2015 09:47

There has been at least a couple of whistleblower JobCentre workers who have confirmed that they are under pressure to meet sanction targets.

fortyfide · 06/06/2015 11:12

It is a truly disgraceful situation. And Duncan Smiths department usually refuses to provide a Minister to answer BBC questions on the subject.

There is also an enquiry going on about suicides after unjust sanctions.
The Department of Work and Pensions refuses to answer media questions on this.

What chance has the ordinary claimant got if the powerful media cant
even get answers?

OP posts:
Isitmebut · 09/06/2015 11:24

Yup all deliberate, the Conservative's only come to power to punish the infirm - how many suicides were there before 2010 when money was no object, and 900,000 claiming sickness benefits pre coalition then decided not to have a medical as their case was soooo good - official figures please?

Welfare/benefits were a Labour train crash they knew had to be fixed, but never got one of those round-to-its, even when the annual budget deficit/overspend got to £157 bil - reforms were desperately needed, but like everything else pre may 2010, Labour politicians were stuck like rabbits in headlights, frightened to move.

  • Private Sector help/Job growth; nothing done.
  • Infrastucture; huge PPI debts, nothing being done to produce future growth.
  • Housing; 5 mil needing social housing, nothing being done.
  • Education; bottom of global comparisons in the basics, nothing different being done.
  • Defense; a £38 bil black hole, with no money to put planes on two overly large to needs aircraft carriers.

Etc, etc, etc.

If there had been ANY attempt at Welfare/Benefit reforms by Labour pre 2010, who from 2010 kept saying they'd cut MORE welfare/benefit spending than the Conservative led coalition, or the Conservative led coalition had reversed/changed Labour's reforms armchair critics might have a case.

This sounds a bad cock up, but as NO GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT appeared fit for purpose pre may 2010, with so much to do, citizens will unfortunately slip through the government (and local authorities handling individual cases) policy cracks.
ironmaiden999 · 09/06/2015 11:47

I didn't know Duncan Smith worked in the benefits office!

Isitmebut · 09/06/2015 13:19

Apparently he did, rumour has it they cloned Mr Smith, as they did with Mr Gove, teaching every child 'the basics' mediocrity - so everything within those departments is their fault, according to those posting on Mumsnet. lol

blacksunday · 16/06/2015 19:04

I didn't know Duncan Smith worked in the benefits office!

Eh? He's in charge of DWP policy.

ShellyBoobs · 20/06/2015 19:25

> I didn't know Duncan Smith worked in the benefits office!

Eh? He's in charge of DWP policy.

The very obvious point being made is that IDS didn't personally wait 9 months to pay someone's benefits as the OP has chosen to imply.

You already knew that, though.

Another typical MN left-wing, anti-democracy, bollocks thread.

fortyfide · 22/06/2015 11:56

The top man/woman in the highest paid job takes the responsibility.
And Duncan Smith usually refuses to be interviewed by the BBC

Though to be fair he occasionally comes out of hiding. As he did during the election campain and got very angry with a questioner. about toxic sanctions suicides

OP posts:
blacksunday · 23/06/2015 19:43

The very obvious point being made is that IDS didn't personally wait 9 months to pay someone's benefits as the OP has chosen to imply.

You already knew that, though.

Another typical MN left-wing, anti-democracy, bollocks thread.

What the hell?

Yes, the point is so obvious, I didn't even take it literally - and neither should you have.

It is obvious OP meant the DWP, under the directorship of Ian Duncan Smith and the psychopath party.

blacksunday · 23/06/2015 19:45

The DWP won't tell anyone how many people have died after having their benefits stopped

Over 200,000 people have signed a petition asking the Government to publish figures on how many people have died after having their benefits stopped.

The Department for Work and Pensions is refusing to publish the statistics, and is additionally withholding its internal reviews into why certain claimants died.

The DWP is currently appealing a ruling by the Government’s information watchdog saying there is no reason not to publish the figures.

The Information Commissioner said the DWP had no reason to withhold them.

“In 2012 the Department of Work and Pensions published statistics which showed 10,600 people who had been receiving benefits died between January and November 2011,” the petition’s authors say.

“These figures caused an outcry, although many disabled campaigners disagreed over what the figures actually showed. Ministers then blocked publication of any updated figures.”

The statistics released by the government in 2012 showed that 10,600 people in the UK died between January and November 2011 after having their benefits stopped.

The petition calls on the Courts and Tribunals Service to dismiss the DWP’s appeal to prevent any further delays.

“I believe the public needs to know the full impact of benefit changes,” wrote Maggie Zolobajluk, who started the petition.

When asked this week about publishing details of separate reviews into the deaths of sanctioned claimants, Priti Patel, a DWP minister, appeared to indicate that the probes suggested “improvements” to procedures.

“Peer Reviews are used to examine whether processes have been followed correctly, and are not used to seek out or apportion blame,” she said.

“Where opportunities for improvement are found, recommendations are made. It is important to appreciate that these reviews do not examine the underlying benefit policy or legislation. DWP has no plans to publish these reports.”

The DWP admitted in May that 20 per cent of claimant deaths it had investigated had been subject to sanctions, according to the Disability News Service.

blacksunday · 23/06/2015 19:51
caroldecker · 23/06/2015 20:47

blacksunday Actually those 10,600 had benefits stopped either 6 weeks before or 6 weeks after they died. The majority would have died first. Your type of selective and deliberate misuse of statistics is why they will not publish them.

blacksunday · 24/06/2015 07:58


Really? Can you provide a source for that?

We know that the DWP own internal investigations (in fact, dozens of them) have shown many cases of failures of procedures and areas which need improvement.

We have leaked documents which show, and whistleblowers who have stated, that there are targets set for removing people from claiming benefits.

We have disability groups which have stated unequivocally that the new sanctions regime is killing disable people.

We have dozens of anecdotes from families of people who were ill or disabled or unemployed who had their lifeline stopped and subsequently died or killed themselves in despair.

Finally, the government is breaking the law. It has been repeatedly ordered by the courts to release the information and hasn't yet complied.


The government doesn't want this information released because it would rather restructure the state provision to pre-WWII levels, and it doesn't care how many people it kills to achieve this.

caroldecker · 24/06/2015 18:56


True story here

blacksunday · 24/06/2015 19:16

That's great, Carol, but that's not a 'true story'. It's not even a 'story'. It's a factoid.

I'm prepared to believe that the statistics collected may involve recording deaths on either side.

If this information was released, then we could compare it with the 'expected' value (for people who haven't had their benefits stopped) and then infer an impact.

We can also use the information with information collected by disability campaigners who have recorded suicides and deaths resulting from benefits sanctions.

There is no legitimate reason not to release the information and many good reasons why it should be, and the government is in fact breaking the law.

blacksunday · 24/06/2015 19:17

Police clash with disabled protesters as they try to storm House of Commons chamber during Prime Minister's Questions


Police have clashed with angry disabled protesters inside the Houses of Parliament after they tried to force their way into Prime Minister's Questions.

Witnesses said one police officer "punched" one of the wheelchair user's personal carers, while another onlooker said an officer restrained a woman by applying pressure to her neck as the group moved from Parliament's Central Lobby towards the House of Commons chamber.

The footage below captures the moment when protesters attempted to enter the Houses of Parliament.

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