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Can someone please explain about the economy to me

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applecrumbleandcream · 06/05/2015 21:13


OP posts:
CinnabarRed · 06/05/2015 21:14

What exactly would you like to know?

applecrumbleandcream · 06/05/2015 21:15

Totally confused over the economy. Can someone explain what the situation is in plain terms.

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Nolim · 06/05/2015 21:19

Not unless you are more specific.

applecrumbleandcream · 06/05/2015 21:24

Well what I mean is when the coalition took over in 2010 what was it like then compared to the economy now. What's got better, what's got worse etc etc.

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DementedSwan · 06/05/2015 21:26

I'd like to know this too as I've heard that this government has spent more in one term than labour did in 13 years?

applecrumbleandcream · 06/05/2015 21:43

Yes Demented Swan. That's what I don't understand.

OP posts:
LittleLionMansMummy · 06/05/2015 21:46

Isitmebut will oblige I'm sure. But be prepared for a long one. Best grab yourself a Brew and by the end you'll be reaching for the Wine

applecrumbleandcream · 06/05/2015 21:51

No thanks Grin . I've read the earlier posts and it's totally put me off voting Conservative!

OP posts:
LittleLionMansMummy · 06/05/2015 21:59

With absolutely no help from me either - result! Grin

MLE2015 · 06/05/2015 22:00

I did a bit of research (N.B. I'm not a mum, but a huge fan of the site, and have friends on here).
I did a personal challenge over the bank holiday weekend, and tried to understand the economy. This is my blog post about it:
It’s the economy, stupid, stupid, stupid
I used a mum as an example in one of the explanatory examples because it made sense to me. Would be interested what mum's actually think about this.

Can someone please explain about the economy to me
claig · 06/05/2015 22:27

I am not an expert on it but it seems to me that on the whole the Tories have done better than Labour (Ed Balls etc) would have done.

2 million new jobs have been created, we are growing more tha socialist France, the Finacial Times,the Economist and even the Independent want the Coalition to continue, most businesses and small businesses would prefer the Tories to win etc

They did borrow more than Labour borrowed in 3 years. Not sure why, but I presume it was for quantitative easing to bail out banks and to avoid doing savage cuts etc

So on the whole they did an OK job and probably better than Labour would have done.

baies1 · 06/05/2015 23:09

This might help op

The deficit is currently £87bn, more than double what George Osborne said it would be by now.

Quite how the Tories have gotten everyone to believe they're great with the economy is a mystery to me!

GibberingFlapdoodle · 08/05/2015 05:37

Someone put this link up - it's an american viewpoint giving the evidence against austerity measures.

If you're interested generally you could grab hold of 'Economics: the user's guide' by Ha-Joon Chang. He is a left-winger though too. Apparently 2/3 of pro economists are turning left wing if that's any help.

Isitmebut · 08/05/2015 08:33

applecrumbleandcream ..... I kinda feel under appreciated. lol

Sadly, no one can explain the economy in sounbites properly, but based on what was structurally left in 2010 after 13-years, with an annual government overspend the largest in Europe (around 2-3 times that of France) to fix it, with no plan in place - the UK now 'rocks' for the future, with a solid platform in place, in a still very uncertain world, especially Europe.

If you want to know about left wing unsustainable economic 'growf' versus the sustainable growth path we are now on, tweet Mr Balls, one of the architects of the economic train crash Labour passed to the coalition - apparently he has a lot more time on his hands.

Linguini · 09/05/2015 19:34

It helps to understand the Tory press version of the economy if you replace the word 'economy' with the word 'wealthy' i.e
'Conservatives will be good for the -economy- wealthy'

Rent control will be terrible for the -economy- wealthy

Immigration benefits the -economy- wealthy

Closing the Non-Dom tax loophole will be terrible for the -economy- wealthy

I could go on but i'm breastfeeding...

Linguini · 09/05/2015 19:35

Crossout fail!


Linguini · 09/05/2015 20:18

Ooh just my favourite
"restricting the free market in any way will be a disaster for the economy wealthy"

Isitmebut · 10/05/2015 10:41

As opposed to Labour, as long as we drive out every private landlord and concentrate on Zero Hours and the Minimum Wage (with badly thought out policies), the UK will be just fine.

I'm not breast feeding, but to carry on this lame mantra that the Conservative only look after the wealthy and somehow the poor are better off, after every time Labour crashes the economy, is factually boobs up.

If tax rising/clampdowns on the rich and non doms is known to bring in less money, with a honking great annual overspend (now 'only' £87 billion), it may bring in cheap Labour votes - but works out expensive for the rest of us.

Labour just looks after itself, through fat government filled with apparatchiks in concert and covering their own asses - and those 'not so few' is where the money went that SHOULD have gone to poorest in society, or built some bleedin' homes.

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