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tactical voting - yay or nay

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Lucy61 · 06/05/2015 12:50

I live in a constituency which is a safe conservative seat. I support Labour but there is no chance of them winning here. Also, I get the sense that Ukip are becoming more popular here, sadly. So for the first time, I am thinking of voting tactically in order to register my concern for the NHS as I am really worried about it becoming increasingly privatised. Perhaps if the National Health Party got a few votes, then that would help to register voters' discontent. If I knew how to vote to disadvantage UKIP, I would do that.

Yet, I feel reluctant because I have always believed that you should vote for the party you want to win and not get involved in tactics and vote dealing etc. How else would your party win if it doesn't get the votes?!

One thing I am certain about is that I will do my 'duty' and vote tomorrow.

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GibberingFlapdoodle · 06/05/2015 13:08

Well I've spouted a few posts on here against the idea of tactical voting. I always said of the lib dems (before they turned to the dark side) that if everyone who had wanted to vote for them had done so, ignoring the 'oh but they won't win' voice, at one point they would have if not won outright then come a close second. Now I'm saying something similar of the Greens (well,they'd get a larger share and louder voice). All tactical voting is doing is ensuring that the status quo continues, and I don't believe most people in Britain want that.

A vote for the tories right now is an extra voice supporting their war against the poor and vulnerable. I appreciate the worry about ukip, but no way would I want to give the tories any excuse to continue.

Lucy61 · 06/05/2015 13:54

I'm not suggesting I vote for the Tories, I'm considering the NHA.

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Lucy61 · 06/05/2015 13:55

Sorry, national health action party

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