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Which Policy proposals do you most disike?

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ragged · 13/04/2015 20:19

Some for me,
Labour: Tuition fees capped at £6k.
UKIP: Rejection of climate change theory, Promotion of grammar schools (too many to list)
SNP: Cutting all Trident
Tories: Subsidy for 1st time property buyers under age 40 (WTAF)
Greens: Citizens Income to be paid to all (WTAF x 2)

Is it like this for everyone, each party has at least one policy you really dislike?

OP posts:
ssd · 13/04/2015 20:22

no, the conservatives have many many policies I dislike. not just one

ragged · 13/04/2015 20:23

Full list allowed if you like, SSD :). Whatever your patient runs to.

OP posts:
ragged · 13/04/2015 20:23

*patience not patient... (Oi MNHQ, about that 60 second edit button...)

OP posts:
niceguy2 · 13/04/2015 20:26

Labour: We'll spend more, raise min. wage, spend less, borrow less and not raise taxes.....HUH?...really?
Conservatives: We'll give people a vote on leaving the EU. Stupid idea. Have you seen how many people read the Sun & the Daily Mail!?!?! It's bad enough they get to vote in the general election!
UKIP: All Immigration=bad and leaving EU
SNP: Leaving the UK, blaming everything on Westminster. Vote for us and get Labour
Greens: Not a cat in hells chance no no. Just no.

Theknacktoflying · 13/04/2015 20:28

Kneejerk, unfunded policies thought to be vote winning...

Freezing prices of transport and utilities, thinking in terms of rich/undeserving and poor/more deserving ..

Opportunistic politicians ...

ragged · 13/04/2015 20:30

Now now, rules are you have to state a specific party & specific policies.
DUP: Oppose gay marriage.

OP posts:
museumum · 13/04/2015 20:34

Anybody who wants to leave EU or even referrendum on EU.
I was particularly irked at those who bitched and moaned about how the scottish referrendum was destabilising the markets while also pushing for an EU referrendum. Or those who went on and on about how an Indy Scotland wouldn't be allowed into the uk (and therefore we should vote no) while simultaneously plotting to get the uk out of the EU.

PrintScreen · 13/04/2015 20:36

Lib Dems: Mansion Tax
Labour: Mansion tax
Tories: exempt rich houses from inheritance tax while further cutting services to support the most needy. EU referendum.
UKIP: don't treat HIV foreigners just wait and let them infect others until they develop more expensive and serious conditions we will have to treat. BIGGOTED IDIOTS.
Greens: I agree on environmental policies but generally their other policies either don't exist or show scary naivety.

Kampeki · 13/04/2015 20:37

I will be voting Labour but am a bit doubtful about the tuition fee policy too. I know that the current system isn't working, as loads of fees are never paid back, and in theory, I would welcome lower fees. However, I haven't seen firm evidence of how they're going to ensure that universities don't lose out on the funding. Also, I think more needs to be done to address the problems faced by many students with regard to their living costs.

Lib Dems Confused Can't remember much, most of their policies seem ok

Tories - well, where do I start?! £12billion in welfare cuts but inheritance tax for the rich! Same old Tories!

UKIP - don't like them or any of their policies

Greens - don't want an EU referendum

Theknacktoflying · 13/04/2015 20:38

Hate them all ....
you know the song 'Lips are moving' ... Apply to all political party manifestos ...

rollonthesummer · 13/04/2015 21:23

Tories-£12bn in welfare cuts but they won't tell us where from until their 'post election finance plan'.

AnnieHoo · 13/04/2015 23:12

SNP - "full fiscal autonomy"

thehumanjam · 13/04/2015 23:20

I dislike most of the proposals from all of the parties. I will vote although I have to say that I definitely feel like I'm voting for the best of a bad bunch this election. This is my 6th general election since I've been eligible to vote and I don't think I've ever felt as disillusioned as I do right now.

STIDW · 14/04/2015 02:05

UKIPs biggoted immigration polices and leaving the EU.

Conservatives policies diminishing our international influence.

UKIPs apparent policy against cycle lanes because they discriminate against the elderly and infirm. Not so important as the first two, but I need crutches to walk any distance and as someone who would have been in receipt of my state pension by now had the rules for women not changed I wonder what planet they are actually living on. I have no intention of retiring in the near future or giving up going to the gym and swimming everyday, or cycling ever!

Hannahouse · 14/04/2015 13:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

niceguy2 · 14/04/2015 18:19

Just reading the Tory manifesto and I have to say parts of it are very worrying. It shows in my opinion a breathtaking naivety that risks us sleepwalking out of the EU.

Insist new EU member states' citizens do not have free movement rights "until their economies have converged much more closely with existing member states"

This one is just never going to happen. Then what is Cameron going to do? He has pledged to hold a referendum then campaign on staying. But if he fails (which he will) then what? His position will be untenable. The rest of the UK will vote "Fuck you" just to show our independence.

Some of the others are completely missing the point.

All this talk of restricting benefits to EU migrants. The rule is basically you cannot discriminate. So all the UK really needs to do is make our welfare system contributory for all. Even UK citizens then we're good to go.

So instead of:

  • Negotiating new EU rules so people will have to be earning in the UK for four years before they can claim tax credits and child benefits

it could simply be:

All people will need to work for four years before claiming tax credits and child benefit.

Then it'd be sorted. In fact, just make it two years in my opinion. I don't see why we should give tax credits and child benefit to those who have never contributed at all just because they were born in Kettering rather than Krakow. I'd personally rather give working tax credits to Pawel the plumber who works 40 hours a week for two years than Peter the jobless chav who has somehow never managed to work for two whole years in his life.
Owllady · 14/04/2015 18:21

I am more concerned about what they are not admitting.
A Tory mp more or less admitted there would be cuts to carers allowance and disability benefits

rollonthesummer · 14/04/2015 18:24

I think we should have the right to know what cuts they are going to make before we vote.

Carers' Allowance?
Disability Benefits?
Child Benefit?

niceguy2 · 15/04/2015 00:05

The welfare bill does need to be cut. It's predicted to grow and is our biggest part of the national budget. Given our budget deficit it needs to be looked at.

As such no cut will ever be popular. Whatever you cut, that group will be up in arms about it and protesting it's unfair.

In my opinion only when they decide to reform pensions will we be seriously tackling the welfare budget. It's the single largest part of the welfare bill by a country mile.

But because pensioners are the most likely to vote, no party is daring to touch pensions. But by not doing so we're literally ignoring the elephant in the room.

This is one of those situations where democracy isn't working.

Owllady · 15/04/2015 13:15

Carers save our economy millions though. Carers allowance is only paid to those who earn under a certain amount (v low) who care someone who gets middle or higher rate dla, so a significant or severe illness or disability. Why target those people first? What kind of a society do we live in where the vulnerable are targeted first for cuts. Oh yes, it's because they are a minority group with very little time to campaign and make a fuss.

Housing benefit is the biggest 'benefit' paid out isn't it? Hmm and the only way that can be brought down imo is if the housing becomes more affordable and there is more of it and if people were able to earn a living wage.

I don't agree regarding pensions, but I do agree that democracy isn't working. All parties know homeowners are more likely to vote etc etc
It's all become a bit tiresome

TheOriginalSteamingNit · 15/04/2015 13:20

Any party that wants an EU referendum. All the UKIP twats will vote and we'll end up out of it... would be a huge error, IMO.

Everything Tory, but especially the HA sell-off and the changes to inheritance tax.

Owllady · 15/04/2015 13:21

I'm not sure people understand the impact of carers being forced back into work will actually have on the economy. My child will have to go into residential care full time, there really is no doubt about it. I gave up work as it was having serious health implications for me as I couldn't do the care role as well as work even when I cut down my hours. We won't be able to financially cope if I lose carers (husband works, we receive no other benefits, child gets dla)

If child goes into residential care it will cost in excess of 6 figures per annum. Atm I'm seen as their carer/advocate for £63 pw for a 24/7 job. To pay for just foster care alone the LA is looking at thousands a week.

We're not an isolated case. We're just ordinary middle of the road I suppose, just above the threshold for universal credit, child benefit etc. Don't own a home. We're both working Damon bloody hard and I resent the implication we are not.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid · 15/04/2015 13:21

Basically everything niceguy2 said

^Labour: We'll spend more, raise min. wage, spend less, borrow less and not raise taxes.....HUH?...really?
Conservatives: We'll give people a vote on leaving the EU. Stupid idea. Have you seen how many people read the Sun & the Daily Mail!?!?! It's bad enough they get to vote in the general election!
UKIP: All Immigration=bad and leaving EU
SNP: Leaving the UK, blaming everything on Westminster. Vote for us and get Labour
Greens: Not a cat in hells chance no no. Just no^

Owllady · 15/04/2015 13:24

I have no idea who Damon is but it's made even me smile! :o

TheFairyCaravan · 15/04/2015 13:30

I hate the idea of taxing disabled people's benefits. This includes disabled pensioner's benefits.

Taking away carers allowance from families unless they qualify for Universal Credit is horrendous and goes against this "hardworking families" notion that Cameron keeps talking about.

Only collecting £5bn in unpaid tax, however it has been avoided, is wrong. There is so much more they could collect, they just don't want to because they are all in it together.

Giving the rich more tax breaks whilst hitting the poor is bollocks, but I expect nothing less.

Selling off social housing is terrible, we need more not less.

We shouldn't be wasting money on an In/Out referendum.

They can all say what they like because none of them will have to deliver because no party is going to get a majority.

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