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Which of the main parties cares about the environment most?

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Alsoflamingo · 15/03/2015 16:13

Frankly it seems that none of them seem to give a hoot these days which I find hugely depressing given that its importance kicks pretty much every other issue into the long grass.

Anyway, unfortunately I can't vote Green as find their other half baked policies somewhat lacking. So, if the environment is the issue I feel most strongly about, who should I vote for?

OP posts:
claig · 15/03/2015 16:16

If you can't voter Green, then vote Labour as they are probably closest to the Greens on the environment. Miliband himself brought in the Climate Change Act.

Seeker33 · 09/04/2015 11:49

I suppose it would be greens and Liberals itraditionally. But the Lib-Dems were somewhat hampred by playing the game under Dave C

We probably wont get serious about the environment until serious trouble is at 0ur door.

I suppose professional politician are always thinking about the next general election (it is one of their jobs on the line) Hence short-termism

The USAs Mr Gore seemed to take the subjectseriously but he lost in wot some people say was a bit of jiggery pokery

springbabydays · 09/04/2015 15:36

Sadly I agree with Seeker. Humans as a species I believe are too selfish to really want to change their ways, put themselves anything other than first, or even compromise to protect the very planet we live on.

As humans are the only ones who can vote, I can't see anything really changing OP.

I wish more people would wake up, but it will need something quite major to happen I think. How depressing.

BreakWindandFire · 09/04/2015 20:22

Oooh, I agree with Claig for the first time ever! Miliband was Environment Secretary and brought in the Climate Change Act. Although I suspect our feelings on this differ... Grin

My big problem with the Greens is that they completely reject nuclear power as a solution, even though it's probably one of the cleanest options.

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