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List of crimes commited by Lib/Lab/Con's in the past week, ignored by media

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Birdo83 · 19/05/2014 12:49

While the national papers were busy trawling UKIP members Facebook pages or obsessing over who Nigel Farage wants as his neighbours this was happening, most of it COMPLETELY ignored by the national papers. I wonder why? Sheep will still fall for the medias crap that UKIP are somehow worse than the main parties cause of a few offensive comments that people in all parties make.

Just wanted to add some balance because it's blatantly obvious for anyone with a brain that the media are trying desperately hard to protect their Tory and Labour friends. The Sun and The Mail have practically transformed into anti-racist pro-Romanian papers this week, FFS! It was them who made UKIP so big their typical immigrant stories. I'm sorry but the hypocrisy makes me sick.

Tories - 2 on firearms offences, 1 for falsely claiming to be a barrister, 1 drink driving ban, 1 disqualified for benefits fraud, 1 cronyism over pub license breach, 1 accused of sexist remarks

Labour - 1 banned from office for bullying, 1 cronyism delaying prosecution for benefits fraud, 1 electoral fraud allegation, 5 resignations over racism claims, 2 resignations over homophobia claims, 1 facing investigation into homophobic remarks

Lib Dem - 2 on benefits fraud charges

PLUS: Of Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and UKIP, UKIP is the only one not embroiled in child abuse investigations.

Tory councillor in Chingford to be sentenced today over firearms charges

Tory councillor resigns from party over firearms conviction in Somerset

'Independent' councillor - whose wife is a Labour county councillor - has disqualification for bullying reduced to 18 months

Labour councillor has case adjourned until safely after the election after her own (Labour controlled) council makes shambles of court paperwork in Thurrock

Former Lib Dem councillor now standing as independent charged with benefits fraud in Kingston

Conservative councillor arrested over false barrister claims in Guildford

Lib Dem councillor convicted of benefit fraud charges forced of council committees after refusing to resign in Tiverton

Conservative councillor receives one year ban for drink driving in Skegness

Police launch electoral fraud investigation into Labour councillor in Slough over intimidation relating to postal votes

Conservative candidate disqualified after £30k benefits fraud conviction comes to light in Enfield

5 Labour councillors resign from party in Middlesbrough citing racism of local Labour Party among other complaints

Tory council accused of turning blind eye to license breaches at pub owned by Tory councillor during function on behalf of Tory mayor in Crayford

SNP activists claims Tory councillor made sexist remarks (but nobody else heard) in Berwickshire

Labour councillor faces investigation over homophobic remarks directed at gay rival in Liverpool

More resignations from Labour Party in Thanet following leader's resignation over homophobia claims earlier this week

OP posts:
BlameItOnTheMoonlight · 19/05/2014 12:52

Thank God for the Green Party.

rollonthesummer · 19/05/2014 12:54

Are journalists afraid of repercussions of they report the truth?!

Isitmebut · 19/05/2014 13:32

Birdo83 .... re your "Just wanted to add some balance because it's blatantly obvious for anyone with a brain that the media are trying desperately hard to protect their Tory and Labour friends."

Trying hard to protect the established parties, or not giving Ukip the respect of a political party it doesn't deserve???

Ukip flip flop General Election type policies depending on the populist wind.

Ukip have ONE main policy on the EU (bringing the UK out and thereby curbing EU citizens freedom of movement/work), that they 100% cannot deliver until the get a parliamentary majority in Westminster - when they don't currently have a single seat - so when will they bring us out, 2020, 2025, 2013,when?

Ukip as a party does not seem to have general local authority policies the media can discuss with them, for local issues to be bolted onto.

In conclusion; Ukip/Farage are being given MORE media space than they deserve as a political party; so as Farage's platform has nothing to do with policies they can influence and have dubious overtones, NO ONE in the Ukip bandwagon can complain about micro reporting on other political parties THAT HAVE POLICIES they can deliver.

GET some policies, ease back on the dodgy rhetoric your strategists know have got you this far, and you might be treated like an established political party. IMO.

slug · 19/05/2014 13:58
TheHammaconda · 19/05/2014 14:49

Only one of the links you posted works.

This ^ one takes you to a webpage about a community centre receiving a cash boost from the local council.

None of them support your claims that Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat politicians have committed any crimes.

SnowinBerlin · 19/05/2014 16:05

There are over 20,000 councillors so inevitably some will fall foul of the law, regardless of their party. That will always be covered in the local paper. If it's a sex scandal it might it to the national tabloids.

Crazy pronouncements make good national headlines. There was a case last year where a local independent councillor called for the extermination of the disabled to save money. That made the national media. Bonkers councillor stories always do. And the problem UKIP has at the moment is that quite a few of its candidates are on record calling for "shooting poofers", hanging other MEPs and removing your right to vote if you lose your job etc. There seems to be a lack of internal party control.

However I have a distinct suspicion that in a lot of cases they aren't at all bothered by the publicity and certainly aren't feeling persecuted. I suspect they are deliberately being 'colourful characters' making twattish pronouncements in public in order to appeal to the 'PC gorrn mad' brigade.

(Although I agree entirely with your point about the Sun and Mail suddenly becoming anti-racist newspapers!)

niceguy2 · 19/05/2014 16:07

UKIP-mania reminds me very much of a few years ago when the country went a bit BNP-mad. Ultimately Nick Griffith (I think that's his name) even appeared on Question Time where he ended up looking like an utter tw*t.

I'm kinda hoping Farage has just had the same moment on the LBC interview.

I agree though that UKIP are getting a very disproportionate amount of airtime given their likely results in the European elections, let alone next year's general election.

It's made worse by the fact that the main policies are based on ignorance and hatred. Shame really because take those facts out and there is a good debate to be had about EU membership and ever closer union.

But the underlying xenophobic attitudes put me right off.

Spinflight · 21/05/2014 04:21
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