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Has anyone been or is anyone a councillor?

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Silkwood · 16/10/2012 19:59

Hi all, I'm seriously considering standing as a councillor for the Labour Party in the 2014 elections. I already do a fair bit of local campaigning like canvassing, leafleting, going to fundraisers and meetings. I feel passionate about national and local politics and really driven to try to contribute. My only slight niggle is whether the amount of work for a councillor would be overwhelming? I have two DCs under the age of 5 and I work 20hrs a week (over 4 days). I also have two fairly frail parents who I visit once a week (1 hr away).

Basically I'm asking has anyone combined being a councillor with work/young children etc? Is it possible? I would love to hear encouraging stories as I'm itching to try it (if, of course, I get selected and then elected).

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Franniefanakapan · 16/10/2012 20:10

I have been, a Conservative councillor (sorry!). I know councillors with children. It'll be fine, you work it around what you do. But it is demanding at times. Depends what responsibilities you take on. Good luck, even though I'm not a Labour supporter!!

OnTheBottomWithAWomansWeekly · 16/10/2012 20:17

I was going to give out to you about the misspelling in your thread title and to say that my SIL is a counsellor - sorry, as you were!

Maybe ring a local councillor and ask them how much work is involved?

Try and find one in a similar position to yourself?

Silkwood · 16/10/2012 20:18

Thanks very much for the helpful reply! (Despite the different politics). Do you mind me asking, how many evening meetings does it involve? Is it up to the councillor themselves (and their conscience!)?

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Silkwood · 16/10/2012 20:21

Sorry, x post onthebottomwithawomansweekly

Yes, that is a very good idea. I know some of our councillors but almost all are men, and whilst this shouldn't make a difference re children/commitments I expect it does. Still, I'll keep on the l

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Silkwood · 16/10/2012 20:23

Oops, sorry, iPhone fingers, meant to say I'll keep on the look out for any councillors to ask about it.

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jackny · 16/10/2012 22:32

Hi, I am a local Councillor and have a disabled son aged 6. The workload depends entirely on what committees and outside bodies you chose to get involved with. I am on a Unitary Council which has mainly daytime meetings and a Town Council which meets in the evenings. I currently spend about 60 hrs a week but I have other colleagues who just attend one meeting a month. I am lucky in that my husband and in-laws are very supportive. If you want to discuss what it involves please PM me. I think it is important that younger people and those with children get involved as many Councils are currently dominated by older men. I really enjoy it and get a lot out of it which is why I put the hours in!

Silkwood · 17/10/2012 06:29

Hi Jackny, thanks! I have PM'd you.

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michelle2005dolphin · 10/11/2012 11:31

Hello! I'm currently a Councillor for the Labour Party in Cheshire East, I have one 6 year old and am currently 5 months pregnant. The role of a Councillor is a rewarding one and is managable with children, you do get any childcare expeneses reimbursed for meetings, just make sure you pick a nursery/after schools club who are happy with random days as I found it's quite difficult to only have odd days as Councillor duties don't really follow a set timetable. We are desperate for younger people to stand and I warn you, there can be a bit of an ageist undertone to the younger ones.

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